change to 4 burning ember fire effect!?

ever since the patch when ever i hit 4 burning embers it puts out my fire, personally ever since i started playing wow again i LOVED this effect but it doesn't make sense for me to stop burning when i have maximum power, it makes me want to drop the glyph for the extra ember. now is this just a glitch or intentional. and if so why wouldn't blizzard just add an extra effect for the 4th ember rather than delete the effect all together
You know, I've been playing destro this entire expansion and, until your post, never understood why my guy would just randomly be on fire.

Thanks for that.
really though its not like demo locks lose there horns n spell circle thing when they hit max demonic fury
I think you're glitching, I'm still on fire when all four embers are up, although that's a situation you want to minimize :)
thank you very much! and yes i understand that having 4/4 embers results in loss in dos but at the moment i find it hard to find myself anywhere but at the top of dos in dungeons due to me playing a lock since vanilla (before i lost my account precata) i figured it was blizzards way of slapping you on the wrist for having a 4th ember. i guess i will have to get off my lazy !@# and update my add ons that are out of date!
i actually just disabled all my add ons and the glitch is still occurring what do you think is causing this?
feel the burn
your fires wet
IMO they should just make it where if you have at least one ember you are EN FUEGO!!!
imo when you have 4 embers you should be on fire and have blonde hair SUPER SAYAN
Its buggy as is the demo visual ever since 5.1, personally I wish I had a way to turn them off as all they do is tell everybody

all they need to do is make glyph of subtly for all specs where it affects soul shards make it affect ember flame and demon aura

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