[H] 25M LFM DPS 8-11 EST T/W/Th

We just left old guild to reform for 25s last night and we're looking for more amazing players to polish off the roster. Desiring people who can do the following:

- Follow directions
- Call out things if needed over mumble (means you need a working mic)
- Take less damage than the tanks
- Moves out of wind bombs and cleave and other such ground related badness
- Look up encounters or read the posted forum strats prior to raid time
- Come prepared
- Gem and Enchant all gear to be raid ready.

If you think you meet this criteria, please add me!


We raid T/W/Th 8-11 EST so finding top notch players who can down content in a timely manner is going to be critical. We have a few but we really need more!

Need the following:

2 Frost Death Knights
1 Combat/Assasination Rogue
1 Affliction/Demo Warlocks
1 Feral Cat Druid
1 Shadow Priest

1 Warrior Tank, Paladin Tank or Guardian Druid (No Monks!)

1 Disc/Holy Priest

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