Fury Glyph Priority?

12/07/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Bloodrusher
sims doesn't account for a crit cap which is 50%, yes bloodthirst is less damage especially inside collosus smash, but outside of it you'll be procing enrage and raging blows off every bloodthirst with or without the glyph, i can only be wieghing up the damage inside CS with the extra 20% crit with the raging blows + enrage procs outside of it

Yes, sims do account for that.
ok, now we stated that recklessness is less damage. What about multi target fights where you want more proc's of ragine blows too feed off whirlwind say garalon for example, 2 targets
It's the same deal. Glyph of Reck is a DPS loss in current gear.

Raging Wind would likely be a better glyph in that scenario anyways.

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