Battle Pet leveling service?

I'm honestly not even sure if anyone would be interested in this. I can level a battle pet from 1-25 pretty quick. Curious if anyone would be interested in paying me to raise theirs to 25 or any level. Pet's sell for good amounts on the server and I know mostly it is due to rarity or popularity, but I'm curious if anyone would like to buy any level 25 pets as well. Don't wanna spam trade, enough of that from zig and the other guilds.
I don't hate you, i believe our encounters at TB back in cata were really fun... Though my lock was my main back then. I do however dislike truly team muffin, which in your case is no longer a factor so.
I'd be willing to pay 1k or so to level a pet, about the same to change a pet to a rare.

Problem is that the pets I really want leveled are ones that can not be caged right now.

Guess Mojo and Terrible Turnips can be caged ... so just because I can't get a fawn leveled this way does not mean all is lost.

Though what I really want is a service that will page me for sandstorms in Tanaris and rain in Stranglethorne so I can look for the baby apes and the sandstorm spawns.

Let me know if you are interested.

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