Can I get some advice please?

I am just returning from a very long break. Can I get some advice on my Mage and where I should go from here?

run far away
Thanks for the advice.
Can I get some advice on my Mage and where I should go from here?


You should go to Warlock from here. Apparently they are allowed to be OP and not have their most favored spec nerfed into oblivion.

It's a bad time for mages. I would come back in like 4 months when blizzard inevitably pulls the rug out from under everyone's feet, in an attempt to create content longevity by completely changing around which specs are viable, and therefore forcing everyone BACK to fire again.
Play what you enjoy! Every cllass will have it's ups and downs, so switching every time there's a nerf/buff isn't exactly ideal.

Unless of course you don't mind having 8 different toons that you can consistently switch between every few months.
Things are... odd right now to say the least. It seems like Blizzard meant to no longer have cookie-cutter specs with regards to talents and glyphs, and I'm running pvp bg's with different setups and seeing what works, what doesn't work or what's fun. I think a lot of mages are stuck on their old tried and true abilities too much to really experiment, but that being said a lot of the new stuff (and I'm looking right at you, Greater Invisibility) is underperforming or just plain broken.

As far as DPS casters, I have to agree that warlocks and shadow priests both seem to shine right now. What's more is that it seems just about every single one of the warlock's spells has been redesigned and the class is 10x cooler now, and a damn beast

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