AC torch run daily at white tiger temple.

I was just wondering what people's thoughts are regarding a particular August Celestials daily at the Temple of the White Tiger.
The quest is called 'torch of strength.'
I play on US - Frostmourne (PVP) and it's a server where the alliance outnumber us Horde, 20 to 1 (it feels like this).
For the past 3 or 4 days I have received the same set of dailies from the August Celestials quartermaster, which is to report to the temple of the white tiger. I haven't been able to complete this quest, because of pathetic little alliance punks who won't leave me the fu*k alone. It's suppose to be a mighty temple, but it has no guards along the paths in the temple and I constantly keep getting sheeped, feared, blown away etc. while trying to complete the quest. It's hard enough to farm AC reputation, because we only get like 4 dailies per day and they insisted on putting this dreadful quest in. I can't play WoW whenever I want, because I have other commitments, so it'd be nice if we could perhaps get some guards, or our own phase when doing this dumb quest. I think it would great if they just removed it altogether and create something new.
I love playing on PVP servers, but this is down right ridiculous when I can't even defend myself at the risk of getting my touch blown out.
It's not an easy quest even on Alliance side and PvE server.

Everytime I see it I just ignore it due to too much latency from Australia making it impossible for me to do.

Has to be one of the stupidist dailies in the game.

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