[A]Fri/Sun 4/6HOF Team LF Spriest or Warlock

Hey folks! Visit us at http://Sovereignwarcraft.com

Currently 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HOF

We're primarily looking for either one of the following to solidify the roster:
1) Shadow Priest with healing offspec
2) Ret Paladin with healing offspec
3) Warlock

Raid Times: Fri and Sunday night 7:30ST to 10:30ST

We only raid twice a week so we expect to you to be on time, at your computer and focused at all times during raids.

Hope to hear from you soon! If you wish to ask any questions in-game, whisper me (Charsiewbao) or Mazar/Ossus or Maximus/Glyalith.
I was pleased to see at my local mall food court the "Dumpling King" fast food now sells Char Siew Bao!
Just one... more... daily...
Looking for an spriest with holy offspec or a warlock primarily. Would consider an exceptional ret/holy paladin or an exceptional holy/disc priest with shadow offspec
Happy Boxing Day!
Update this bad boy to show we downed Garalon this week.... Abooot time!
Good Catch!
I actually like velveeta cheese. Amazing what USA Engineering can do in the furthering of food creation science. Amirite?
Finally got straw hat transmog, woot! But would like to get a great warlock or shadow priest into our team :D
Still WTB Warlock or SPriest, but please don't whisper if you havent even enchanted all your gear ... yeah...
Getting close to the new year with all the blizz forum activity coming up again
Lazy Sunday
Not so lazy Sunday afternoon
Bump for 4/6, not so lazy Sunday afterall
Last trading day of the year! Close out your positions now before capital gains tax goes up!
Happy New Year Folks!
Kick the can on the fiscal cliff! Woot!
House speaker got re-elected, so that means we should get a shadow priest or warlock soon
Panda's in WOW: Jumping the shark or Natural progression of the storyline in WOW?

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