Game Director Tom Chilton on Balance & PvP

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I'm angry my first cement was ignored.
where are our skirmish arenas?
a perfect balance of classes is not going to ever happen..its just the nature of things, but some issues can be fixed. Hunter's Silence Shot was given an additional cool down and the explanation was "We felt Silence was to powerful" but what about the stuns for warriors and rogues? that is what needs a balance in pvp..the CC's are out of control

Class balance still horrible

So much burst(Caster can nuclear destory melee so easily even with 65% resis).. so many CC(Imagine total lose of control of the toon from 450k HP to Zero)...

To be honest, you and your team fail.... the whole team should be replaced or you should be replaced
Patch 5.2 is sh*t....

getting sick of the class imbalance design by bunch of incompetent designers... Hope someone quit like the same noob from diablo 3

thanks for the game... after this month, you can have this game back...
Dalvengyr realm we cant do arenas whats up with this?? Other realms are capping conquest why cant we?
Blizzard does not care about PvP, and they care even less about arenas. They have publicly said that arenas were a mistake. Don't expect them to worry about PvP imbalances over PvE ones. They probably wish arenas would just go away.
PvP needs to be more basic. Right now there is to much of everything in PvP.
PvP needs to be more basic. Right now there is to much of everything in PvP.

Agree. Way too much cc.

Oh, and rogues now with range dps? Really? I can understand rogues needed some attention pre-5.2,but giving them serious range has destroyed any balance with them,especially when hunters are still not balanced. BM is still the best pvp spec,yet most pvp hunters don't like it. Playing BM now is like playing a defacto feral. It's not a hunter anymore. Please,Blizz,make MM and SV on par with BM for pvp.It won't take much.CS change is good,but not enough. MM and SV need base improvement in damage. It doesn't matter if BM gets it, pet damage for BM can always be nerfed to counter.

Cata was the best for pvp. If only we could get that back.
PvP needs to be more basic. Right now there is to much of everything in PvP.

yea. four expansions worth of new abilities has caused PvP to spiral out of control. too many abilities in general, too much instant CC, too much stealth, too many outs, too many pets, etc. i'm all for complexity, but there's value in simplicity. take moba games: simultaneously simple and complex
World of Warcraft has a wide variety of players to keep happy. They have PVE raiders, dungeon grinders, achievement collectors, role players, transmogrifier's pet battle collectors, Pokemon players, and PVP players in the arena and battlegrounds. Most players don`t enjoy every aspect of the game. Personally, I have only played the game for 5 years and paid for 6 accounts because of my love for PVP. I do not want to participate in a part of the game that I entirely loath just to stand out in PVP. I have spent a lot of time "Farming" honor and conquest to get the gear to enjoy the PVP aspect of the game. "Farming" the honor and conquest takes time and hard work, and I respect the players that have done the work to get the gear. I do not want the gear to be handed to us freely. I sympathize with the PVE geared players trying to make it in the battlegrounds, however, they call me a "baddie" when I try and participate in a raid and I can't keep up with their damage in my PVP gear. I DEFINITELY can't go into a raid with my PVP gear and tank, so I do not understand at all why PVE tanks will be able to come into my battlegrounds, carry my flag and mitigate more damage than I can!!! I love BLIZZ, but it appears that by trying to balance the game they are leaning more in the direction of the PVE community!!!
PvP needs to be more basic. Right now there is to much of everything in PvP.



you wanna make WoW even simpler than they've been making it over the years? HILARIOUS, you guys never cease to amaze me..
There are too many cc's in this game :( Too much burst damage which has been band-aided by adding too much healing.

PvP in WoW in general is just too much of everything.
Buff affliction.
pvp is horrible CC is way out of hand and I don't know why people even !@#$% cause blizz doesn't care about anyone of us or our thoughts, they never fix or address what people really want they just fix what they wish. Thank you though for making pvp in this game as good as that of a FREE to play game
PvP has always been about camping important players in random places, or controlling areas to make sure nobody does dailys. Not about who counters one ability with another, or runs around pillars faster.

This just might be the dumbest thing said on the forums...

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