Are Resto Druids ever gonna get a buff?

12/11/2012 01:29 PMPosted by Strickycub
Also Nourish is almost useless and I practically never use it, too long of a cast time for the mana cost and small amount it heals for.

ISTM that the main use is to reset mastery/lifebloom timers without spending any significant amount of mana.

The main problem that seems to come up a lot is other healers healing people to 100% and wasting hots that are already on them. You could easily say that this is a problem with the other healers not understanding/cooperating with the mechanics of their partner healer (it's really not supposed to be a competition, except against the boss that is trying to kill the raid), but that runs into an issue like the problem with mistweaver mastery: why take a class that others have to learn how to work with, when you can take one that lets other people focus on their own mechanics and has just as much (or more) output?

If the druid can only function when their partner stops sniping them, but the snipe healer keeps topping the meters and looking like the better healer, then... there's a problem there, even if it's mainly in the meter-centric mentality.
Although game creator, Greg Street, has expressed his opinion that restoration druids do not need to be reevaluated, there has been mention from other developers of the game that have stated that, certain spells (referring to mushrooms) are not where they aught to be.

I want to also point out, our creator has expressed that he sees the forums as only being, "complaints with no real intelligent suggestions" (Street's Twitter). I suggest instead of making posts that are here to piss off our maker, just throw mad suggestions out there so then we do not have to worry about backlash and ignorance from higher authority.

Is it fair, I dont think so, but who said life is.
1) Change Living Seed to be an absorb mechanic (not a heal) which lasts for 15 seconds, and is triggered by all critical healing. For periodic effects, have it grant a shield equal to 30% of heal and make it stackable up to a maximum similar to divine aegis/illuminated healing.

Love this idea! It would add some depth and planning to the seed as opposed to waiting for the seed to overheal.

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