Healing Heroic Dungeons in PvP Gear?

Can I do it?

Also does anyone know an easy 463+ enhance weapon I can get?Blizzard decided to not give enhance a craftable one...

Edit-Just realized I logged out in my Ele gear. My resto pvp gear is fully gemmed,enchanted,etc.
Yes, you can do it no problem. Heck, I can heal heroics as enhance using healing stream (not talent one), healing rain, and healing surge with the conductivity talent. It's especially easy with the 2pc enh pvp set that increase chance of getting maelstrom procs by 20%. Just make sure you have the glyph to make heals stronger with each maelstrom proc.

But anyway, you can do it with pvp gear especially since the stats on pvp gear is almost identical to pve gear. If you have an idea of how to heal, you can do it easily.

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