Ele or Enh leveling?

Hello everyone! I have a quick question regarding shaman leveling....

Currently I am leveling this shaman and intend to make it my main. Right now I am leveling as enhancement and it is quite fun! However, I thought I would change to elemental to change things up a bit.
Currently, which is the faster and overall better leveling spec between these two? Opinions? Many thanks.
I prefer ele because you can use those boas to offspec resto plus CL spam is legit.
I'm okay with that! Will ele slow me down?
I lvl'd with elem...but I think enh is better for lvling.

No mana downtime + unlimited mana & off heal
honestly id go with what ever you wanna play at end game or intend to play
Personally, I'm struggling while leveling as Elemental. If I pull more than one mob, I'm dropping totems just to survive. If it weren't for healing dungeons, I would have given up on this toon a while ago.

Meh, I'm going to respec Enhance and see how that goes for a few levels.

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