<One Shot> Setting up a weekend raid

<One Shot> is a semi-hardcore adult guild. We are currently 2/6 HMSV and 16/16 overall. We are setting up a casual/weekend run for alts and other people that cannot commit to a full time raid schedule. The times for this run will be on Sat/Sun from 2-6 pm.

We currently have openings for...

Melee DPS
Range DPS

We are looking for people over the age of 23. We are also looking for people that have experience in MSV preferred at least 5/6. We will be clearing MSV and getting the group into HoF. Just because this is a casual run does not mean we are not looking for talented people. We are expecting everyone to be gemmed, enchanted, and reforged. We also expect people to be on time and ready to roll with all their consumables.

We are not as concerned about your item level as we are your ability to maximize your gear. We all have seen people 20 to 30 points lower than someone else that out dps someone much higher than them. We want a person that knows how to play their character not someone that thinks they know how. Please do not send us your item level and expect to get an invite. It does not impress us. Show me the numbers of what you can do and that is impressive.

For more information please check out www.1shot.enjin.com or Real ID me at Krazy#1922.
Still have a couple of select spots open for our weekend run.
hey im down to join ur weekend group
We are still looking for experienced people for our weekend raiding team. Most have at least 5/6 in MSV but 6/6 MSV with experience in HoF is a plus. If interested please apply on our site and someone will be in touch with you. www.1shot.enjin.com

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