Whatever toon/spec LF 10m raiding guild!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I can gear up whatever spec needed for a solid raiding guild.
My raiding availability:
6 Pm-10 PM GMT+10 anyday
12am-4am GMT+10

Let me know if you have any questions!
I would offer you a tank position, however we raid 7:30-10:30/11pm GMT+10 (currently in Daylight savings)
Hi, our raid timing is 10pm to 12 30 am GMT+8. If that's suitable plz contact me at anythinglei#1236
Hey Vandorion. That might work out perfect. If you need me to tank I can gear up and transfer as fast as possible.. I'll try to log on and catch you to talk more.

Cymbrogi on Nagrand is looking for one more raider for it's core team currently.

Raiding 7-10 server Wed/Thur, and 5-8 Sundays.

Currently 8/16, looking to get into HMs asap.

Could fit a tank in, though ideally we would pref a ranged dps - the title says 'any toon/spec' - what else do you have? (a lock would be outstanding)

Do you have some recent logs to check out?

Hi Drunkadin

Facepalm are currently looking for a Healer/Tank in our 10 man Core Group
We are currently only 4/6 N MSV but clearing that in about 1.5 hours and cant progress due to one of our healers leaving for RL issues.

We are a casual friendly guild willing to help and enjoy each others company.
We raid 7:30pm AEST for 2-3 hours Monday's & Wednesdays.

We are a Horde guild, on Dreadmaul.
Thanks for reading
Hey Drunkadin, if you're still looking for a guild, Fragmenta is the raiding division of PRIDE, a guild on Blackrock - Horde and we're currently recruiting a Feral Druid MDPS. Our raiding times are slightly out of what you specified as follows:

Wed - 1am-4am ST (8:00pm-11:00pm GMT+10 DST)
Sun - 1am-4am ST (8:00pm-11:00pm GMT+10 DST)
Mon - 1:30am-4am ST (8:30pm-11:00pm GMT+10 DST)

If you're interested check out our thread at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7199961414 or contact me in-game via my BattleTag Sinnoh#1764.
Lucid Dream on Jubei'Thos are a recently formed guild who are planning being in the top 10 on our server next tier. We have been through several players who have proven to be unreliable, just bad, or could no longer make our raid times and have managed to put together a solid 9 people this week. We are currently 6/6 MV 3/6 HoF and plan to start on H MV soon. Progression would be much further along if we had a full group each week with the same people. Raid times: 7pm-midnight thursday + sunday (server time). We are in need of either and ele shaman or Hunter. Get back to me if interested :)
Hi there Drunkadin,

We're currently in the market for a reliable and competent DPS so please check out my thread to see if we suit you.


Cheers :)

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