Felwood QuestGivers

How do I gain access to the Felwood questgivers? They all have Silver exclamation marks over their heads but I can't talk to them. I'm trying to level my level 43 Goblin Hunter.

Any help? :)
The silver (white) exclamation points means the quests are too high level for you right now. Blizzard actually has a problem in their code that will show these white exclamation points whenever the quests are too high level for you, even if you do not have any of the other prerequisites needed for the quests. [For those interested, look at something like the dailies offered at the Niuzao temple when you are level 89. There will be white marks, but when you hit 90, they will disappear. They will not appear again for you until you get the proper rep and those turn out to be the August Celestials dailies for the day.]

Anyway, back on target. You will need to raise yourself to, I believe, level 47 to get the quests in Felwood. I have not checked Wholly and Grail, but they can tell you whether I remember correctly.

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