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RP Made Simple was started to help folks understand a little more about RP – what it is, why we do it and how to try it, since the whole “role-playing” thing can sometimes be cryptic and intimidating. This has been my project to help role-players since I started here on Earthen Ring.

http://rpmadesimple.com aka RP Made Simple has been mentioned on WoW Insider over the years and has helped many role-players in some way, shape or form over the many years it has been around.

To many, this looks like extra “stuff” to do – but it’s really can be fun to role-play as your character. It adds extra value to the game and sparks your imagination and creativity.

The site has a three-fold purpose:
1) To help new role-players.
2) For experienced role-players to draw from.
3) For Non-RPers to understand role-playing.

With the site, you get a ton of information and ideas to put into action. I do cover quite a bit of information on the following:

  • What Role-Playing is all about
  • Creating a Backstory for your Character
  • Character Development
  • Getting into Character
  • Tips & Ideas on Role-Playing
  • The Basics of Starting out
  • Finding/Creating RP
  • Enhancing Your RP Experience
  • And lots of other ideas to help!

  • I also have Articles under the FYRP (For Your Role-Play) Area with special stuff that can help as well. Come and check it out if you are curious.

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