So Humans get to use both on demand trinkets?

12/07/2012 05:34 AMPosted by Khori
its a guess, but i think you have a human character huh?

Guess again. This is my only 90, my next highest is an 88 panda too. I could care less about the human racials.

I just really hate useless nerf racial threads. You hid your "subtle" nerf line in a question. It is seriously obvious all you wanted to do was QQ about the human racial.
This is not a new feature. Are you new to WOW or something?
Can use yes, but cannot use at the same time.
What % is the second trinket in pvp power worth? 4.5%~?, if you're really so upset by a 2% damage difference when you can break yourself out of twice as much CC, I don't know what to say.

Your primary concern seemed to be cooldown stacking OP, should we look at the orc racial then? It can be used with your on use trinket.

lol, really, if is only 2% why don't we get rid of it? if its not that big a deal then?

and Orc racial? are you really comparing it with PVP power?
and how about we give up our cc racial if humans give up there's?

i am quite ok with that, really

So Humans can have on demand Stat boost one after the other every 30 secs?

and that is fine ?

Yes they get Every Man for themselves which is a free trinket, so they can use whatever 2 trinkets they want. Pretty lame in my opinion but Blizzard love Alliance...

no replies huh? like i thought,

anyhow so we all agree human racial is OP like hell, and we are all going to ignore that.

gg Bliz
It's not the human racial stopping you from getting your 1550 achieve.
gonna bump this everyday once,

hopefully someone will not ignore the Elephant sitting in the middle of WOW PVP.

so today's bump!


I knew the nerf EMFH threads were going to come back at some point.

@OP It's been here since Wrath, don't expect anything to change.
I think someone is just mad they didn't roll human.
12/07/2012 07:12 AMPosted by Baustert
I think someone is just mad they didn't roll human.

Mad cause bad is more like it.
and how about we give up our cc racial if humans give up there's?

i am quite ok with that, really

I've suggested this over the course of several expansions, no dice.

I say toss all racials. Reform them to a minor profession specialty and a vanity animation or something. Gamechangers are not acceptable and never were (original undead racial and EMFH now in particular).
This is all the fault of the Human racial. It has been too strong for quite some time. It needs to be given to all races and Humans given something new and less massive.

First Perception and now this crap. WotF got it's nerf, now is the time for EMFH to get it.
Every race should have EMFH baseline and give the humans a new racial for their own. Maybe a dps racial like orcs or a speed increase or something.

Human mages have a trinket up for every Deep Freeze :<
Since the hot fix to trinkets, I'm not sure how that's even relevant.

just keep this thing relevant guys. Enough people complain and Blizzard has to do something about it.

This racial is the reason for the skew in ally n horde PVP population too.

It is clearly a no brainer when someone can equip 2 x PVP power over the other race, their damage is going to be higher, thereby making is not even / balanced.

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