So Humans get to use both on demand trinkets?

lol now you are outright whining about this.

But Khori, I thought you were merely asking a question to clarify your misconceptions in the original post! Isn't that what your undead buddy was quick to defend?

This isn't anything new. Get over it.

So one race gets a huge damage buff in PVP ( Specially now with the introduction of PVP power) and we should all just ignore it?

I would love to see the change in PVP population ratio as soon as they nerf or remove EMFH.

it would be very amusing to see almost all human pvpers shift race overnight!

Alliance dominating the arena ladder because of EMFH.

Oh wait, heh.
Dont care about ladder,

Although i am so very amused to see people defending it to death and saying its not OP, that's ironic

This is the most competitive and active BG in the world, why wouldn't you consider this a good insight into what is really strong currently? All I can see is orcs and undeads.


Edit: Why are you so concerned about on use trinkets when you don't even use one at all.
12/08/2012 06:36 AMPosted by Khori
Dont care about ladder

And this is why morons like yourself don't get a say in PVP balance.
Moron? man i must have really riled you up.

so how many human characters you have?

All i have heard from you is personal insults, sorry man, at least say something else other than "hurr durr ladders and you are stupid"

i don't really care, you are not really my concern here, you are not even my problem. I am just trying to raise this important issue of unfairness in PVP with a over powered racial
Your original post was asking if you could use both trinkets together, which you can't, I suggested going Orc, because that racial DID allow you to stack damage boost buffs. This went right over your head because it didn't agree with your opinion.

You claimed humans were still too strong, I then linked you THE arena ladder, to show you just how "game breaking" humans were. Because the ladder is riddled with Undead and Orc you decided that "the ladder doesn't matter anyway", when it's the only competitive PVP in the game, THAT is being a moron.
My tread is about unfairness in PVP because of OP human racial.

The second PVP trinket should not have PVP power (and Stats) applicable like 2 handed weapons for fury warriors.

That's all.

Edit: they should be unique equipped.
Which distills down to a 2% damage boost vs another CC break, which is arguable and each would be more useful on a per fight basis. Humans aren't OP, the grass is just greener.
and how about we give up our cc racial if humans give up there's?

i am quite ok with that, really
Because racials add extra flavour to the game and are fun, we don't want everything to be the same.
If it was that broken all the top pvpers would still be human instead of orc/undead qq more cripes also you are a bad rogue you don't use an on use trinket to macro with dance oh wait you are freaking mut /facepalm
instead of admitting that there is a huge favor / unbalance if one has a human character you are just being an !@# hat.

Human racial is massively unbalanced as it stands right now...

Reroll human if your so jelly of our racial.
In case you didn't realize, you're playing an undead. With the amount of instant fear you'll be taking this expansion, your racial is almost equal in value. along with TotG which deals approximately 2% of your overall damage and causing you to have a passive heal, a racial no other has.
humans were pretty nice for rogues. one on-use trinket per shadowdance.

now with change of on-use trinkets to per min. any race playin a rogue would get an on-use trinket per dance. makin humans not as good as it was.

and how about we give up our cc racial if humans give up there's?

i am quite ok with that, really

i wud lov this so i can make any class with any race.
Yeah, it's a good pvp racial, no doubt. Has a lot of uses in pve too, and I thoroughly enjoy having it. But the thing is, other racials are just as good/better for specific parts of the game. Don't tell me blood fury or berserking aren't awesome racials to have, or how about food stat buffs and a free gouge. Sure, some racials will be harder to express in pure numbers, but you haven't even tried to explain why the ability is so much stronger than any other racial out there, other than spouting hostile and dismissive remarks.
lol @ this rogue.....

do you even lift?

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