[A] <Pony Vendor> 25HM Rec (N: 6/6,6/6,3/4)


First let me introduce myself, I am Kalynda; the guild master of <Pony Vendor> - Frostmourne US, a guild that I and my fellow officers set up some months ago to usher in our full time return to Warcraft come Mists of Pandaria. Over the course of my previous play sessions I have played in an oceanic #1 guild (Time-Khaz'goroth US), and a number server progression (including first place) guilds (such as Noctis Erus- Amun'Thul US, Civilian-Bonechewer US and Inferus Crux - Khaz'goroth US).

As raid teams commonly do, we are in need of a select number of classes to fill the gaps in our raid team as listed below, however please note that we always consider exceptional applicants regardless of our current needs. We do not recruit for our bench (however we do run a bench as required by the current nature of raiding). As a general guide applicants will have cleared MSV, have some solid experience in Heart of Fear, ideally some experience in Terrace (however this is not a must) and have an item level greater than 480 - however we will consider applicants above 470 should they be worthy of a spot.

At the current stage we have the current progression stats are:

Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6
Heart of Fear: 6/6
Terrace of the Endless Spring: 3/4

Raid Times

Raids are 3x4 hour raids; Thursday, Sunday, Monday starting at 8pm AEST and continuing until 12am (midnight) AEST. As fits the aim of the progression team full professions, optimal specs, full raid buffs and 80% attendance (at all times).


We run a DKP bidding system with decay, more information can be acquired in a discussion with me, or on our website pending your acceptance into our raid team.

Current Recruitment Needs

2 DPS Warriors
1 Ret Paladin
1 Hunter
1 Resto Shaman
2 Windwalker Monks
1 Feral Druid
1 Balance Druid
1 Mage
1 Warlock
1 Shadow Priest


Applications, as usual are as per the forums on our new website: www.ponyvendor.guildlaunch.com, please follow the instructions in the sticky threads when making your post as this is the sole thing I can judge you on.


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