Ranged Weapon RNG - Incoming Rant

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So who else is about to finish the 2nd legendary quest and still dosnt have even the LFR sha touched ?

<-- this guy :/
The purple bow out of Gate finally dropped for me but ive never seen any luck out of the LFRs. Dropping three tokens on ToES a week, got gloves and trinket, no bow.

Id think the Purple outtta Gate is a tad bit rarer than the LFR bows, but I dont know whether to feel lucky or not, i need the touch of sha!
Been running LFR and Gate for months yet I am still rocking my ugly blue gun. I have resolved that I am not destined to get a purple bow / gun.

My Sha gem sits unused in my bags as a protest.

WTB crafted epic plz.
If your a hunter complaining about a weapon and your not running Gate for the epic bow then you should be. It's 476 and had about a 5% drop rate. Should help if you keep running it cause it will drop eventually and you can run it once a day not once a week. Also based on LFR loot you have about the same chance to get it each run =) That will give you 9 chances at an upgrade instead of 2.
I will have to see what luck brings me later today...last week was a bust, as you can tell :( Lonely Hunters Clubbers unite!
Lucky for us, GC tweets today that loot drop rates for 5.0 LFR will be increased in 5.2 https://twitter.com/Ghostcrawler/status/288511122917687298
I just calculated the amount of roll's I have used trying to get a ranged weapon. This includes weekly roll's and elder charms..... the final value is about 46.... 46 roll's without a weapon.... I feel that this is... well stupid absolutely stupid
A new week ahead...

All the best on your ranged drop!
Well, I did LFR Lei last night again - and guess what!

Picked up some gold, then used a token, and you wouldn't believe it.......

Got some more gold.

Damn you Lei! Just drop your stupid gun and I'll leave ya alone!
The loot tables are really against us for ranged weapons this tier. Had many coin rolls where I won items besides a weapon that I didn't even need. Luckily coined the LFR gun on my 5th clear after 40+ tries at a weapon.
I don't understand why you rerun it 3 times. Couldn't u use yer coin on the first run and still get 4 shots at the weapon? That would mean rerunning it twice instead of 3 times.
Got the reg one last night..Huge relief as I also complete the 2nd part of the quest this week. I hope the same for all you guys and girls.

All the best! /pray
lei shi gave me tier for my bonus roll but no gun :/
I'm also about to finish the second legendary quest chain but have no weapon to put my gems in. It's really disheartening.

Every week since LFR's implementation, using coins, no gun or even a bow.
Lei Shi...she taunts me so :(
0/46 here counting tokens, maybe I should try being a little bit less green.
Holy Mother of God I got one! Fang Kung, Spark of Titans

If my luck can change so can yours, so keep the faith!

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