Ranged Weapon RNG - Incoming Rant

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0 for 24 with token rolls
OP, I feel your pain....I ALWAYS run LFR when it resets on Tuesday, just ToES and MSV part 2....still nothing, and I've ran Gate 32 times at least to try for that epic bow, but still nothing....*sigh*
I must be in favor with the RNG Gods.

I got to 90 a week ago. Ran some heroics, first few days basically every heroic dungeon I would get at least 1 piece of loot from it. Last couple of days haven't been so lucky, but I managed to get my item level up to 460.
Did my first LFR today, didnt get any loot from any bosses... except the last boss dropped the epic bow. Man I was pretty happy :)

This reminds me of my rogue, I started to play wow in WOTLK and as I got to 80 on my rogue I was oblivious to what should I do to get into raids. I was trying to learn my class and ways to gear up. One night I was lucky and got invited to a naxx25 PUG with some guild even thought my item level was really below that raid, but I guess there werent any other rogues and they didn't want the loot to go to waste. I don't know how they did not kick me because I had no idea what I was doing. Anyway we get to Kel Thusad, kill him (I basicaly was told to stand in the corner so I wouldn't wipe everyone lol). And the dagger drops 0_0. I can imagine peoples faces as this crappy noob rogue in blues (most not even heroic) gets a BIS dagger on his first naxx25 pug lol
ya, im with all of you. every token used every week, lfr, vaults run weekly with guild, GotSS, absolutely NOTHING. cumon blizzard give us some damn luck here.
01/05/2013 08:09 PMPosted by Tygerlilly
Does making someone else feel bad make you feel good? And it's gemmed not gemed.

How am I making them feel bad? and yes it is gemmed. If I could I would give my own gear off my back to anther hunter that needs it more.
go build your pvp gear or grind mats/gold.
best way out of any kind of dry spell is to occupy yourself with something else till later.
Grats Tygerlilly!
And another week goes by...
I got the LFR gun a few weeks back and last week I decided to put the legendary gem in it because I wasn't sure if I would be killing Lei shi anytime soon. This week I got the normal version on my first kill.

Now I have to spend 10k ):

First world problems?
I got the LFR gun a few weeks back and last week I decided to put the legendary gem in it because I wasn't sure if I would be killing Lei shi anytime soon. This week I got the normal version on my first kill.

Now I have to spend 10k ):

First world problems?

I am envious. My guild hasn't even cleared MSV normal yet, since only 4 of us show up each week and the rest has to be PuGed. I would love to get to Terrace Normal but it probably won't happen this expansion.... I swear each time I try my hand at progressive raiding I fall into this situation. No matter the guild.

And so this response isn't just Shujuan.avi....

I haven't tried Lei Shi this week. But I will be doing it today, and my track record just has me looking forward to either a bag of cold or yet another belt.
I was so down and out bout my weapon, that I almost curled into a ball and sobbed when it finally dropped. I settled for telling the raid that I loved them all.

Which is still weird.
Just did Lei Shi, used coin, just gold.

/curls up into a ball and cries.

I must love my blue gun.

15 kills, each one using a coin so that's...some daft number of rolls for no gun.
Maybe the RNG Gods will have pity on me now that my job went from 8 hour shifts to 12 hour shifts and grant me my sha touched gun.
No weapon this week :( Lei Shi gave me tier shoulders and Xi dropped the gloves for me though (even though I didn't need them). So maybe next week I'll get the weapon!
11 kills on Qin-Xi, 12 kills plus countless tokens on Lei Shi, no tier shoulders or gun.

talking to a fellow hunter in trade, about her tamed pink crane, 1st Lei Shi kill nets her the gun.

another 2 !@#$ing weeks with no weapon drops. used all tokens on nothing but weapon drop bosses. you can't tell me there's nothing wrong with this mechanic blizzard. god damnit do something.
It took me about 5-6 weeks of raiding to get an epic weapon. I got the gun from LFR ToES first. It took another 3 weeks to get the bow from normal MV, which of course is purely a transmog item for me now that I've fully upgraded, socketed and gemmed the gun. I've seen each drop only once.
After I don't even know how many weeks since MSV LFR opened, I finally got the bow last week. Upgraded it once for damage and to avoid going over the valor cap. NO luck on Lei Shi, but I've gotten the shoulder token 4 or 5 times trying to get Taoren.

Hopefully my guild can get their !@#$ together and start full clearing MSV on a regular basis again, I still haven't fought Qin-Xi on Normal :( Saving a token for it, just in case our raid this week does really well.
Lei Shi gave me two trinkets this week, one for the roll and one for the coin. It might have been funny if I did not already have two - now I had four - sucks is they sell for less than the gold I could have won.

On the other hand, I've been sitting on this sha gem for a few weeks now, and have completed the test of valor quest but still no sha touched gun. I've only done Normal Msv like five times, so that is ten tries on the bow with coins, I have never seen it drop.

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