Ranged Weapon RNG - Incoming Rant

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Have yet to see a bow or gun actually drop in our 10 man. First I coined the lfr gun after 8 tries, then a few weeks later coined the regular gun.
another week down, another major disappointment. is there a bug keeping hunter weapons from dropping or are there just not enough of them in the game? I think its both. you cant raid every week, lfr every week, use all your tokens etc and never see any weapon. most of our raid comp has either an lfr or reg weapon already, to include their offspecs. this is so fricken rediculous.
WOOOOOO I finally got a epic!!!!! after 16 will of the emperor kills and 16 Lei shi kills I finally have a epic!!
14 Will, 27 Lei Shei, and a great many coins burned on Lei Shei (which accounts for the high kill numbers), I finally got a purple gun. Sha-touched is icing on the cake, and my valor grind will be done next week.
Awesome Verdash. I am hoping for that purple gun/bow/whatever sometime this week too :)
This reminds me of hard getting any ranged weapon in MC was back in the day.

I got the gun on my first Terrace run. I'm so far away from getting a sha touched gem it's sad.

This reminds me of how on our first Chromaggus kill in BWL we got the smiting xbow. It was my turn to get gear on that kill. Some things are meant to be. Other times the RNG generators crap on you.
I won LFR kang fung and Normal Kang fung in the same week :) I had a very lucky week
I got my bow from LFR MG the first week I hit 90.

My death knight, however... has not seen a weapon in three months.
They need a dedicated players alternative to getting a weapon, i can gear everything i need through dailies, which i pretty much have... but i am at the mercy of random dumb luck for my weapon... "maybe next week..." is something I'm sick of saying.
another damn week of nothing. there has to be something glitching. nobody can be this unlucky. there needs to be a purchasable weapon in the 476 range. for people like me who never see anything good drop.
LOL if you are really running with that xbow, I think you need to get out of the dungeon and run some quests.
It's Tuesday, wish me luck :)
Took me a while to upgrade my bow from H GSS. Best of luck to people running LFR or their guild/pug raids.
Although it has forced me to improve my rotation, timing and sharpen my attention to keep up... I really wish Lei Shi would grant me a well deserved drop. A 463 ranged is not consistent with my 486/487 ilvl. I've lost track of how many times I've done LFR's and heroics with only a couple of gear drops to show for it. So many coins wasted. It can't be performance driven, I've topped the hunter's list on Fear several times and received only gold.
Very frustrating. I'd probably a bit happier if I could dip into my ever growing pile of lesser coins for a few more chances each week (after week, after week....).

Ah... thanks for letting me vent :)

Today is THE day! ;)
WISH me luck on my sha touched this week guys i need it 8 weeks and counting
Well, it finally happened.


We had 3 guns drop off of H. Lei Shi tonight, with our three Hunters in-raid. Today's the day!

And I was leveling my warrior arrrrrrgh!
I want to rant and also share an idea about loot. maybe blizz will see it. I'm item level 491 so there is no doubt ive worked hard for my loot. done sha of anger ever week with no pve drops and two pvp drops. ive killed will of the emperor 5 times in normal raid and 13 times in lfr, lei shi 7 times in lfr. ive used a coin on almost all of the fights mentioned and still havent seen an epic ranged weapon. Ive been raiding since bc and never seen an issue last this long, usually there are other options like boes or crafting.I have a suggestion for loot options could there be something for master looters in raid to do a selection? consider doing the same raid boss for months and most of your 10 man team needs nothing from a boss and everthing just keeps getting disenchanted. what if when you killed the boss 5 things dropped and you had to check off 3 or 4 items to discard and you got to keep the last item. so my thinking is that you may get less items but you would be able to choose whats better or needed for your raid? And considering you would get less items over all it wouldnt be an option used all the time.Thoughts?

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