[A] Heroes and Martyrs 4/13H LF healer, RDPS

Heroes and Martyrs, 4/13 Heroic, is looking for a holy paladin OR disc priest OR ranged dps (5% spell haste) for 10 man progression. We are recruiting to fill out our roster for 5.4 in 9 days. Our guild has been together since the beginning of 5.0 and look to accomplish progression oriented raiding while enjoying each others company at the same time. We strive to maintain a positive WoW experience for all members, all the time.

Raid times are Sunday (5:00PM-9:00PM) and Monday (6:00PM-9:00PM). Please message Makunochi, Kurobane, or Mayalla for details.
Too bad no one likes you since we all know you as the Baradin Hold ninja.
I like you, Mak.
I like you too, Qube.
Found our tank. Always accepting exceptional members that know their class or friends we've met along the way.
Edited for current content.
4/13H!! Not 12 :p
Edited to reflect current class need and to appease Heero :P

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