Question on Optimal PvE Raid Spec

Alright, so I'm just wanting to verify that I haven't missed some huge shift in spec viability here.

Recently my guild mates have been telling me, essentially, that Sub is now the be-all, end-all of specs, and that Assassination has somehow become unviable since 5.1.

Now, looking at the patch notes I'm not seeing anything that would cause a shift in which specs rogues would be playing now. That, and my DPS certainly hasn't suffered. Have I missed something, or am I being told incorrect information?
Your guild mates don't know what they're talking about.
I second the motion.
Sin rogues are awesome imo. Your guildies do not know what they're talking about.
From another thread that I responded to

combat is the best specs for rogues atm, offering high single target damage(within 1-2k of assassination) and the ability to cleave when needed. If you have a set of daggers it might be optimal for you to switch to assassination for fights like feng, garajal,etc (aka patchwerk single target type fights).

For low gear levels(463-70) assassination will pull away pretty hard for single target fights.

Without a doubt subtlety is the worst spec for rogues in pve atm. At my gear level(499) it gets competitive, but why play such a hard spec when you can play assassination with a much easier rotation and get BETTER damage.
12/08/2012 02:09 AMPosted by Sneakyhobos
combat is the best specs for rogues atm
Should probably be sure to qualify this statement with a "if you're looking for a one spec fits all" disclaimer. Otherwise you're going to get torn into by people saying that combat should only be used for cleave fights and use mut for all the others (which by the way, you make it sound like there's only a handful of single-target fights when they're actually the majority, there's only like what 5 cleave fights out of the 16 bosses this tier).

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