Darkmoon Card of Mists profitable?

I can only make 1 per day, because of the scroll of wisdom. No problem.

But it also takes 10 Starlight Ink. Today that costs 2000g in AH,
and usually it's closer to 2500g.

The resulting cards are random, but most of them sell for less
than 1500, and a great many sell for less than 700. Only a few
are selling for more than 2500g.

So it seems unprofitable. Or am I doing something wrong here?

Buy herbs off the AH.
If you buy green tea leaf, rain poppy, silkweed, snow lily you need about 10 stacks to get 10 starlight ink.
If you buy fool's cap you need about 6 stacks.

So if you buy 10 stacks of the lesser herbs for 60g a stack, that's 600g per card.
Likewise for fool's cap if you pay about 100g a stack.

With the herb nerf this is becoming more difficult to do.

If you get a bad card, then yes you may only get your money, or a little bit more back.
If you get a bad card - and some can be very valuable (can sell during DMF for 6k+) then you get rewarded for all the other dud cards.

You will have difficulty selling cards in between the DMF - so be aware of that factor too.
Shows how much my thinking has changed because of the herb nerf.

The other option is of course to farm the herbs. For me that no longer makes time sense (whereas pre-nerf I farmed the herbs and bought almost nothing off the AH).

Of course in that setting, each card is pure profit, though in the case of dud cards you are essentially selling the mats.

Another strategy is the combine the cards and sell either the decks or the relics (trinkets). I found this a far less reliable source than selling the cards, but some people prefer it as you end up evening out the value of each card by selling them as a set.
.Another strategy is the combine the cards and sell either the decks or the relics (trinkets). I found this a far less reliable source than selling the cards, but some people prefer it as you end up evening out the value of each card by selling them as a set.
^This is so true. The cards seem to move better than the decks and with less volatility.
The way I do it comes to about 2000g profit per card

Math: trinket values 28k, 23k, 23k, 12k

28k + 23k + 23k + 12k = 86k / 32 cards = 2687.5g average value

3 scribes and counting pumping out cards daily. More gold earned = more scribes to level.

If you are doing 1 scribe a day yeah it seems like it takes forever to complete decks, it feels like you get duplicates all the time (at one point I needed a 6 of serpents and I had *6* duplicates of the 2). The more and more scribes I make though the more I seem to even out. I will always have duplicates, I will probably end the expansion with duplicates and those will be a writeoff but more scribes basically equals more decks completed.

As mentioned, 10 stacks of green tea = 1 darkmoon card on average. So if I am spending 65g per stack maximum that is 650g per card roughly. Generally I spend less on herbs. Pre herb nerf and before this latest faire prices were as low as 25-30g per stack which was ridiculous. At one point I bought hundreds of stacks of green tea for 19g99s. Yeah I wouldn't farm that cheap either. But I am fine paying 50, 60, 70, 80 even 90g per stack. Obviously the cheaper the better, but passing up the option of making cards for a day because herbs are 90g instead of 60 is sweating the pennies and missing the dollars.
Swarrzk --

in the "math" part you are dividing the total profit by 32 cards, which is the number USED to make the trinkets. What you should do is divide it by the total number of cards you MADE. After all, you have to pay for raw materials for every card you MAKE, not just the ones you get to USE.

Do you have a rough idea of how many additional cards you make, in the process of getting the 32 needed for 4 decks?

There is no way to know that since you might get extremely lucky and land 32 on the dot or you might get unlucky and make 1000 cards and still miss one (in real life..likely? no, near impossible but I'm not a math major)

All I mean is with multiple scribes, the more cards you make the more things start to even out (usually).

Lets say you had 5 scribes and were making 150 cards a month. Some months you might pull 5 decks off the stack, others 10+, remember some months you are taking leftover duplicates from months previous. You might get 2 of serpents 7 times in a row then not see it again for 2 months. In the short term that is really annoying. In the long term it is almost irrelevant.
its hard to really calculate the exact profits fair to fair, becuase even if you spent 10 hours a day trading you would likely not end up using every single card.

The cost of a deck is pretty simple, its 80 x (price of stack of herbs) + (24 ink of dreams) or roughly 85 stacks of herbs.

I can see on your server (azuremist aliance) that herbs are roughly 80g a stack. so 85 x 80g = 6800g cost to make a deck. The every listed price of a completed deck is 24000 so as you can see the margin is pretty huge.

Now, on a small scale the profits are significantly more complex. Because the cost is per deck, but if you just make 1 deck you will have to make significantly more than 8 cards. Statistically to complete 1 deck its like 50 cards if all you are doing is making cards. But if you trade cards you can cut that down considerably. And then for the following fairs you have leftover cards so that goes down and down each time.

Personally i have 10 scribes and i also pay quite a few more to buy their scrolls of wisdom and im making about 50 decks a fair. My average cost this fair WITH paying people for scrolls was about 3300 per deck and my average sale is like 16k. These costs will go up significantly because of the gathering nerfs but as you can see that is a huge margin.
RNG can be a real pain, especially if you are working on a smaller scale(only 1 or 2 scribes).

for example with my huge operation i have 87 cards left after making my decks this fair which had i been able to trade to complete decks would have been 8 more complete decks and well over 100k gold but it will go a long way to ease the rng next fair.
thats crazy ^

gj though.
If you have only 1 scribe essentially what will happen is you will make your 30 cards for the month. If you spend a little time trading you can probably make 2 decks with that but lets say you can only do 1 that will essentially pay for the whole 30 cards but only use 8. so for the next fair you make your 30 cards again but you have 22 left over from last time so now you have 52 cards now you can probably make 2 more decks. so the 3rd month you make 30 more cards and have 66 and can make 3 decks. ect ect.

If you can learn to trade effectively you can exponentially increase your efficiency as well. The more you trade and even out you can complete more decks and also if you find people just looking to make a deck for their own toon and not profit they will often trade 2:1 or more for w/e cards they want.
This ship has pretty well sailed. The decks/relics are down around 7K for the tank trinket and 13-17K for the others on my realm, and there aren't a lot of buyers. Obviously, the costs are way above that.
Your server must suck, I can buy starlight ink at 100g each, so a 1000g per card.

Don't be afraid to buy out cards listed for less then you can make them. Your profit increases when you sell the decks and trinkets (8 cards at 1k gold each is 8k per deck, trinket might sell for 4-5 times that).
only having 1 scribe, the profits have really fallen out for me.

serpents/tigers are still selling for a profit, but cranes break-even and I can't even give oxen cards away, so the net profit is pretty miniscule.

but selling ink instead is pretty solid money.
I bought my deck off the AH, around 13k I believe, and it is actually the best trinket for me according to maxdps.com. So I am glad I bought it. I am sure others will want it just as much as I wanted mine
i have made over 500k since launch on just darkmoon cards decks and trinkets i farm my own herbs and make scrolls on all 3 of my scribes everyday
"Personally i have 10 scribes and i also pay quite a few more to buy their scrolls of wisdom".

Thanks for all the advice and info...but can you explain this comment? Scrolls of wisdom are soulbound, so how can you buy them?
give a scribe who has a scroll of wisdom X amount of gold and 10 starlight ink and he gives me a darkmoon card.

guildies i pay 250g + a bonus per scroll after ive sold all the decks. out of trade i negotiate anywhere between 100 and 250.
The cards and trinkets don't sell on my realm anymore. By now anyone with the gold to acquire them either has them already or they have gotten their trinkets from Mogu and LFR.

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