So much bots in this game

Hey everyone,

For every single BG i play. Theres at least 2-9 bots. For a BG like Temple, it's a lose guaranteed.
This is seriously killing a big aspect of the whole game and ruining the casual PVP.

Out of 10 BG i've done today, i've lost them all because of BOTS behavior.

This issue need to be addressed seriously by Blizzard. They should implement program into the game who can detect Third party program that allow these kind of abuse.

I am really disapointed i can't enjoy the game like i should.

The only human left in a BG.
It's worse than ever.
WOW PVP is dead. It's gone. MoPBots and GW2 was the nail in the coffin for the only part of WOW many loved. Serious players who don't cheat are moving on. How many months are you going to take of this before you just say )&@*# this?
The "Report AFK" feature is a joke, a COMPLETE JOKE.

A bot was in Temple right now. He just mounts and dismounts, runs around in circle and /follow people.

I've asked the other players to report it (like I did).

They probably didn't report (or were all bots, too, since nobody said a single word about what I've asked).

The bot stood there, doing absolutely nothing at the starting area of Temple.

I've reported that !@#$ like 10 times, but it seems that the system only kicks when the bot has received reports from different players.

This is disgusting. This is bad. This is a shame. This is retarded.

I don't want to do RBG. I have no patience to follow commands and hear people giving me orders.
I just want to join a casual PvP environment, do my job and see others doing their jobs.
I don't care if we lack communication, I just want to play with humans, not bots.

Blizzard, it's a shame. This problem shouldn't be out of control.
A simple captcha mechanism would eliminate like 90% of this problem.
I'm so sick of the amount of bot activity within random BGs that I feel that the only way I can experience PvP again is to join a rated BG team.

But for players on a PvE server, finding a serious/dedicated team for RBGs can be quite hard, if not impossible. For others, RBGs aren't as much of an enjoyable experience due to the high level of communication and skill involved.

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