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Hi everyone, I have the following items available for sale on Cenarion Circle. They are available Ally or Horde. If anyone is interested, send mail to Zk, thanks!

Keller's Girdle
Sentry Cloak
Boahn's Fang
Antipodean Rod
Twisted Chanter's Staff
Gloves of the Fang
Feet of the Lynx
Stormbringer Belt
Razor's Edge
Prospector's Axe
Darkweave Breaches
Guillotine Axe
Serpent's Kiss
Witching Stave
Band of Purification
Bronze Band of Force
Noble's Robe (Lvl 15 req'd, iLvl 20)
Woodworkers Gloves
Defias Rapier
Goblin Screwdriver
Mindthrust Bracers

Tigerstrike Mantle
Troll's Bane Leggings
Sparkleshell Mantle
Tree Bark Jacket
Glowing Magical Bracelets
Riverpride Choker
Enduring Cap
The Butcher
Burning Waraxe
Watchman's Paldrons
Guardian Blade
Thunderbrow Ring
Crystalpine Stinger
Hi-tech Supergun
Mechbuilder's Overalls
Gizmotron Megachopper
Petrospill Leggings

Robe of the Magi
Spirewind Fetter
Wolfear Harness
Adventurer's Pith Helmet
Firemane Leggings
Basilisk Hide Pants
Wing of the Whelpling
Sutarn's Ring
Gazlowe's Charm
The Pacifier
Black Ogre Kickers
Gloves of Holy Might
Crushridge Bindings
Polished Jazeraint Armor
Icemail Jerkin
Dark Hooded Cape
First Mate's Hat
Deadwood Sledge
Sword of the Magistrate
Speedsteel Rapier
Fiery War Axe
Vicar's Robes
Legguards of the Vault
Underworld Band
Shadowforge Bushmaster

Axe of Rin'ji
Orphic Bracers
Executioner's Cleaver
Blade of the Titans
Troll Protector
Wand of Arcane Potency
The Minotaur
Belt of the Gladiator
Serenity Belt
Flaming Incinerator
Skibi's Pendant
Lei of Lilies
Curve Bladed Ripper
Blackmetal Cape
Stonerender Gauntlets
Wall of the Dead
Spellshock Leggings
Ginn-su Sword
Joonho's Mercy
Death's Head Vestments
Eye of Flame
Wolfrunner Shoes
Staff of Hale Magefire
Dwarven Handcannon
Ribsplitter of the Monkey
Ribsplitter of the Tiger

Deviate Scale Belt
Arcane Bomb
Elixir of Dream Vision
Sniper Scope
Flash Bomb
Fiery Weapon
Dusky Boots
This is what the AH was made for.....my god. Not to mention it has absolutely nothing to do with professions.
ill buy your woodworking gloves for 2k on the realm alleria I can prob go to ur realm. and ill pay 1.5k for goblin screwdriver too
12/08/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Pooz
This is what the AH was made for.....my god. Not to mention it has absolutely nothing to do with professions.

While I agree with the sentiment that the AH is a better place to sell items, I disagree that the thread is off topic here. This user is selling some profession recipes, and since this forum in function has become about gold-making as well, this thread could be considered on-topic. That being said, this forum is perhaps not the best place for such a thread since many of us are from different realms and most of these items are not so rare as to warrant a transfer.
I will buy Joonho's Mercy, i would like to talk about the price though. I made a toon on Cenarion Circle, name is Lolfasttoon, hope we can talk, sent u an in-game mail.

BTW, if im not on him, you can always send a mail to Yair from Azuremyst.
there should be a forum for this...its a great idea. although links (and i know that is a lot of work) would be great!
wish you were Horde...id buy your set of Defias.
Please respond asap, as im very interested on Joonho's Mercy

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