I am thinking of coming here.

I'm an eastern guy who plays primarily nights now and peak time to raid is already over when I am online. It makes sense to go to a pacific server to raid. Looks like this server is the only one with a higher horde/alliance ratio so raiding would probably be more likely to happen. Is it a good place to play?
I came here sometime in June or July I believe and haven't looked back. I enjoy the server, even though I'm central time.

The guild itself is late night, normally active 5PM-12AM server time, mainly on weekends, although we do have quite a few of them on at night during the weeks. Only problem is, we're full on pally players in the raid groups we have. If you have alt(s) that you'd be willing to play, that would be best to fit in with the group(s) we have. Feel free to respond here, or mail me in game on a toon that you create.

Good luck!
i really hope you choose to transfer here, we are definitely in need of more paladins
Yeah our guild transferred from a dead server to this one and it's been great.

Hey, if you do, we're recruiting for a ret/tank hybrid pally for our 25m raids. We raid Tues/Thurs 6:00-9:30 server time.

Check out minionsinc.com if you're interested. We're 6/6N MSV, and 1/6 HoF. Or if you want to chat and see what we're about, let me know and we can set up a vent or RealID talk.

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