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Hello all.
I am the GM of Red Right Hand. We're a small guild, created by a group of RL friends that have been playing since Vanilla. Collectively, we've experienced just about every raid since the beginning (separately, in other guilds), but recently decided that we wanted to build our own guild and raid. We'd all been in other guilds before, from the casual to the ultra-hardcore, and this time around we wanted to see if we could make our own way. We formed RRH near the end of Cataclysm and raided DS and H-DS until MoP. We got started on T14 the second week, quickly cleared MSV and began progressing into HoF. However, we've hit a wall due to attendance problems with our main group and the lack of PVE focus on our current server.

To put it simply, we're very unhappy with our server and looking for a better place. Our current server is heavily PvP oriented and recruiting skilled raiders for progression is a grim and frustrating process. We're hoping to move to server with a healthier, more active raiding community. Hopefully, this new place will allow us to recruit more raiders (we'll be bringing 6-10 with us) so we can raid more aggressively and progress at a much better rate.

My questions to you, if you'd be so kind, are these:

1. How do you feel about Turalyon and the experience you have on this server? How's the Horde community?

2. Based on progression it looks like you have a healthy raiding scene; however are there good players out there that have yet to find a home? Existing guilds: I notice quite a few recruitment posts on the forums… do you have success recruiting on Turalyon or are you starved for raiders?

3. Our current server is choked with guilds and it seems that raiders are spread far and wide among them. This makes it difficult to get a solid group together in one place in order to progress. Do you have that problem on Turalyon?

Would very much appreciate any feedback to my questions or any other info you'd like to contribute.

Hi Arcanejill,

In my experience, I have played on plenty of servers and been on Turalyon since 2008. To be quite honest this is my favorite server. The majority of the people on this server are great raiders and easy to get along with. There are plenty of great guilds on both Horde and Alliance. To answer your question if there are good players looking for a home? Depending on times and days you host your runs, you may gain a few raiders to join your guild on this server. However, this server is pretty competitive and there a plenty of guilds that do extremely well in progression which can make it difficult in recruitment. You may have to depend on recruiting transferred raiders. What is great about this server is if you need to pug a couple of people to get your run going, it is not difficult and the majority of the time they are good raiders. I hope this information helps you on your decision. The best of luck to you and your guildmates.
I don't get why you would transfer here, 90% of the time if I am in a dungeon with someone from this realm, they're horrible. Your server is the least of your problems other then the RP thing maybe, save your money and have ppl transfer to you.
1) I kinda like it. I transferred here with some friends at the end of cata/beginning of mop and there doesn't seem to be an excess of douchebags really. I mean there's a few on every server of course, but it's not too bad here. That said, I'm way to impatient to spend a lot of time standing around cities listening to trade chat so it could be that I just haven't seen the douchebags when they're out in full force.

2) Recruiting is/was harder than I thought it would be, but I think that's mostly the result of it being a reasonably competent server. Raiders and potential raiders have multiple options on Turalyon and they have a certain expectation of how things don't go. New recruits won't have the same connection to your guild as your friends you transferred with and if things get off to a rocky start they may not hang in for the long haul. But it also goes both ways, the raiders have options to find a new guild but you also have options to find new raiders, it just takes some time and effort. As long as you can take this tier to settle yourselves in and get your guild/raid set up for a good run next tier while still killing stuff and having fun this tier you'll be ok.

3) There are quite a few guilds, but there are also quite a few people. And all those people have alts. Well most of them do anyway, and those alts can tide you over long enough to find mains that are actually looking for a raid group.
its a good server, i play the alliance side atm but i also have an 88 horde toon that ive been trying to get into again. Good players and most of them are focused on PvE. My battle id is jrodnba123@yahoo.com Send me a message in game and id be glad to join you guys!!
12/10/2012 09:38 AMPosted by Mandude
I don't get why you would transfer here, 90% of the time if I am in a dungeon with someone from this realm, they're horrible. Your server is the least of your problems other then the RP thing maybe, save your money and have ppl transfer to you.

I wouldn't say it as is as bad as the above, but I also wouldn't cherry coat it like I feel as if some of the above posters are doing. I'd say you should look to other options for your transfer needs.
A lot of guilds fell apart so I'm not sure what I think of the server atm.

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