If You Had One Glyph Wish

Glyph of Staggered Thoughts: Your shuffle now allows you to stagger magic damage as well as physical damage, however it no longer grants you parry.

Glyph of the Crane (Mistweaver): You gain the ability Legacy of the Crane
20 energy or 6% mana: You honor the Red Crane's legacy, increasing melee attack power and spellpower by 10%. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.

Glyph of the Ox (Brewmaster): You gain the ability Legacy of the Ox
20 energy: You honor the Black Ox's legacy, increasing health by 10%. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.

Glyph of Deflection(Brewmaster): You may now deflect spells cast against you at a rate equal to 50% of your total stagger %.
Glyph of the Tiger's Advance: While affected by Tiger's Lust, the monk is immune to movement impairing (Snares and Roots) effects for 4 seconds.
(Could also be a baseline ability or WW monks as I suggested on the PvP foruns, but whatever.)
Glyph of The Running fist.

You can now move while casting Fist of fury but it no longer stuns.
Glyph of Zen Pilgramage - Allows you to change the teleport location of your Zen Pilgramage to any Monk Trainer.
I like the OP's glyph suggestion, blazing fists. the rest of these are totally unrealistic since glyphs are basically supposed to be unattractive to keep there from being BiS glyphs. Not the design i agree with but that's where blizzard took glyphs, sadly.
Glyph of Lesser Life Cocoon: Your Healing Sphere's now have a 6 second Cooldown and require a target, but place a lesser absorption shield on the target equal to the healing they would of recieved from your Healing Sphere.

Oh man, priests would !@#$ a brick over this. Would basically turn Healing Sphere into a 6 sec CD PW:S. Would be so damn OP lol. I'd settle for allowing Healing Sphere to auto target, and giving it a short CD.
glyph of the jade serpent: summon a small jade serpent that follow the caster and absorbs nearby Gift of the Serpent within 10y to turn them into energy, then the jade serpent will use the energy to heal the lowest HP's player for a X amount.
Glyph of I don't care about your pet(name subject to change) : Your renewing mists no longer jump to pets or minions.
12/09/2012 08:47 AMPosted by Virals
Mines would be Glyph of Blazing Fist: Where When you use Fist of Fury Your Fists Appear to be On Fire.

Glyph of Larger Concerns: Your renewing mists no longer jump to pets or minions.


(Brewmaster) Glyph of the Rustled Ox: Niuzao is summoned instead of Xuen.
Glyph of You're Not in Kansas Anymore: Instead of being useless, your Rushing Jade Wind will pull all enemies within ten yards of it's center into it, dealing 25% of your Attack Damage as Nature damage and healing nearby allies for 50% of your spellpower. They will be carted off with the wind like trailers in Kansas, to be deposited at a randomized location within five yards of the center of the spell when it dissipates.

This makes Rushing Jade Wind's cooldown one minute.
Glyph of free class change to mage!
Glyph of Mastered Arms : your auto attacks use your weapon(s)
Glyph of Roll Rehearsal: Your roll's now go half the distance but now you have double the charges.
Couple of PvP oriented suggestions:

Glyph of Serene Blossoms - Spinning Fire Blossom no longer costs Chi to use and instead generates 1 chi. Costs (about 30) energy.

Glyph of Just Desserts - Touch of Karma is now usable while stunned.

Glyph of Crouching Roll - While rolling, damage is reduced 50%.
Glyph of Jade Tempest: Your Rushing Jade Wind becomes Jade Tempest.

Jade Tempest knocks aside all enemies in its path, dealing damage and slowing them by 30%
Glyph of Awesome.

Your monk now has four additional arms to punch his enemies with. Also makes Chi Burst into a beast attack.
Glyph of 5.1: Returns your monk to the pre-hotfix values and makes it immune to blizzard's tampering. lol
Glyph of the North Star - Makes Fists of Fury look and sound like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svav1AWuOYA
Glyph of Zen Lightning: Crackling Jade Lightning is no longer requires maintaining a channel. Instead, it immediately consumes the full cost of the ability to deal it's damage over time. No longer has a knockback effect.

Glyph of Fiery Blossoms: Path of Blossoms now leaves a fiery trail. Does damage equal to 3 Blossoms over 6seconds per second. Jumping, rolling and Flying Serpent Kick will cancel path until the action ends.

Glyph of the Celestials: Invoke Xuen changes into Invoke Celestial. When used, a random Celestial will come to your aid. Crackling Tiger Lightning is changed to Booming Bull Gore, Whooshing Crane Wind and Fssshing Dragon(Serpent?) Flames respectively. Purely cosmetic.

Glyph of the Beast King: Changes Chi Burst to Fist of the Beast King, firing a HUGE projectile resembling a random Celestial's head. Also reduces cast time by 100%.

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