LF small level 25 guild

I'm hoping to join a small, friendly guild, preferably with a pvp focus, but anything works. I'm an x-alliance and I haven't been playing MOP very much due to school and work, but I would love to get back into it with an awesome guild. Once I hit 90 I will be mainly holy pvp, but I will do a bit of both. Feel free to message me in game.
Thanks so much!
Hey MeowMeow,

While we are a little more PvE focused, we do have a lot of folks who enjoy PvP and are happy to do it. We mostly do random BGs and Arena whenever we do PvP.

Our guild is small, casual, and we try to be friendly and helpful when we can. You can read about us here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7200034255

I'll see if I can find you online sometime, but feel free to say hi if you see me on, or, if you have a question, I can answer them here too :-)

Best of luck finding a guild that works for you! (and don't worry, we won't pick on you too much for being an ex-Alliance member ;-)

Hello, Msg soysos or anyone from <Wipes on Trash> we do a little of everything if you're looking for a smaller guild.

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