Question about roleplaying a Night Elf druid.

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I really want to create a female Night Elf druid to roleplay as, but I understand that it was only recently that females were allowed to become druids in Kaldorei culture. I thought about making a relatively young Night Elf (around 150 or 200 years old) who was a sentinel, but while working around nature (and with it, because she was a hunter), starting practicing druidism in private before she became one when it became "socially acceptable." She now wants to repair the nature that she sees destroyed, and has become somewhat of a wanderer.

Would this be acceptable? Or would I be better choosing a class (warrior, hunter, etc.) that is related to the sentinels? I really want to make her a wanderer, so I'd have an excuse to roleplay in areas other than the forest, because I understand most Night Elves stay near their woodlands. I just don't want to create a "mary-sue" or anything, just a basic, acceptable character to roleplay with.
I am personally for this idea, as this is the exact same thing I used for my girlfriend's druid when I was on a lore binge. Even the sentinel part. It's not unheard of that a sentinel, in her off time, could have done research into druidism out of idle curiosity. Not having a Thero'shan would have impeded her progress a bit, but then again not everyone can be taught by malfurian :P and I'd rather delete my character than have Fandral as a master.

But this is just coming from a guy who likes lore, I don't know what the RP community truly finds acceptable.
No reason why an older elf couldn't pick up druidism. The only obvious problem would be that the older you'd get, the more set in your ways.

Practising druidism in secret probably isn't a good thing to have on your backstory. All the druids were in the Emerald Dream for quite a long time - if your character had any skill at all with their druidism, they'd have been called on to join the others in the Dream. As I understand it, that was part of the arrangement that the elves made with the dragon aspects when Nordrassil was planted.

Simply having an interest in learning the druid's path, and the willingness and potential to be able to master it would be enough. Once the social stigma was done away with, I would think any that wanted to learn would have found plenty of competent teachers willing to instruct.
Another thing to note, you can't just up and decide to become and druid secretly. Who taught you? Not another druid for sure as they were in the dream and probably wouldn't teach a female. I'm not against the idea but you just have to figure out all the facts before moving forward, primarily how would she learn druidism on her own with no other druids or Shan'do to teach her how?
Maybe I'll remove the idea that she learned in secret and instead state that she had an interest. I didn't plan on making her an experienced druid, so if she's only been practicing/learning for a few years, that's fine. It would be interesting to play a rookie.

Or, I could make her a hunter that broke off of the sentinels. I'd just need a reason for her to break off so she can explore because the sentinels spend their time as protectors.
The question is what exactly is “relatively recent” for a society of which a significant proportion of its members are thousands of years old, some encroaching, and some beyond ten thousand years. Attitudes on gender class roles have changed significantly since the Third War, but that’s not a very long time ago in the mind of a Human let alone the extended memory of a Kaldorei, and from what I’ve gathered the ridged divide between the classes ended sometime before that. Perhaps someone may yet provide a more definitive time reference, but a scant 10 years seems a short period of time to lose a significant relic like commemorative statues of the first male Priest, and female Druid and the social evolution which they are meant to represent, ( ), or to evolve what might be considered a more significant (if not anywhere near equitable) proportion of female Druids (and male Priests) we presume the society has today.

For a “young” Kaldorie, the acceptance, if not commonness, of co-education in the Druid and Priest classes, may still be within your lifetime, and while you might not have been exactly encouraged to involve yourself with an otherwise traditionally male dominated art, there would have been nothing but a bit of pig-headedness, or your own aptitude standing in your way. If you are older than that, you may have been one of the women or men (respective to students and teachers in either of the classes) to break with tradition and pave the way for others.

Prior to this social evolution, there may well have been the potential for secret self-education and practice. Surely there were people who felt move by the Grace of Elune, or harkened to the Call of the Wild, those who observed and emulated their daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, brothers, or sons, that sought texts, that were clever enough to draw certain conclusion between the magic that permeated their society and the ways of the world. For this social evolution to occur enough people must have desired to follow these paths, even attempted practicing these paths, for others to realised how pointless prevention based on gender was. Logic dictates that if it had to be “forbidden” then someone was trying it. I’m not suggesting great potency, or being singled out by Cenarius or Elune, but the development of practical magic may still be possible.

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