Best Warlock BG PvP Spec?

Hey, Im having trouble deciding which pvp spec for the lock is the most affective in BG's. Im usually running Aff but after the patch it really feels like having sex with a limp D!@k and does not seem to be be doing the damage it used to do right now Im using Demo and its a lot of fun but its very complicated for me to use and again seems to lack damage I use Destro for dungeons and such and notice that my Chaos Bolt is one heavy hitter of a spell but the casting time is such a drag and i seemed to get stunned before i have a chance to cast it can someone please give me some advise on things i can do to stop this or what spec is just better in general and why?

Thank you, Oleroin
Aff's damage just doesn't fit the paradigm of MoP burst-style.

Destro has the most sustained damage, really good burst, but lots of casting (which is difficult to do sometimes).

Demo got nerfed but still hits really hard and doesnt require ANY casting, although it's non-cooldown damage is kind of "meh".

Up to you. Affliction is still the specc most dear to a pvp warlocks heart. Most are just waiting for it to get buffed and be viable again and then it's affliction fun time.
Thats what im hoping for is Aff to get buffed i used to come out on top in the damage for every BG I did but now Im like in the middle either they can buff it or somehow make Destro spells have less cast time that would be beautiful.
Afflic is currently more than viable. I have found i can out dps destro in random bg's by a landslide on most occasion. Afflic in arena, and rated bg, hands down has the most benefits as well. Not only can you cast full dots on multiple targets in a matter of seconds with soul burn/soul swap, you add the soulburn/exhaustion to all targets, which is amazing in the new bg's where you should always be on the move to the next node(mine cart) or orb. You have more control's with cc's and silences, and the self healing is insane. I have out healed healers in random's. (don't take sacrifice for pvp). Coil, fear, then two more depending on your pet is crazy. you should have no problem locking up a healer for your group. With full dots on four other targets while you have a healer locked up? Thats what benefits your team. DPS+Support+Self Suffeciency that is this spec. So much attention has been drawn to chaos bolt and this is great for all those pewpew baddies" we hate to see in our groups. With all the add on's and long cast a good person or team will see CB coming a mile away therefore you may get a rare one off. The role of lock is not to burn someone down, it's to assist in it.

DOT+exhaustion+kite+fear+2 silences+3 defense shields+3 self heals (four if you count drain)=death to opponent

As you mentioned the burst style mop has generated? To me on an rbg spectrum i think it has created a decrease in talent. So many put so much faith into CB. When you get to the point where you rarely get one off all the sudden you are not a team asset. People are starting to relize this already. Destro, while fun to play, has brought a bunch of baddies to the class and want to pewpew with the rest of the team with the coolest looking spell in the game imo (CB). However, this should never be the locks roll, they have and continue to be one of the largest cc classes thus the role is expected. You want to increase your value? i say prove your worth with afflic, you will pull similar if not more damage, you will be targeted less which in turn you will be able to cc more for your team. RBG is all about speed of switches, peels, and control. NOT PEWPEW (pewpew is a by product of control and targeting)
To say this in a way that anyone can understand,RUN FROM WARLOCKS bad class design is bad!
12/07/2012 07:28 AMPosted by Oleroin
someone please give me some advise on things i can do to stop this or what spec is just better in general and why?

Play the spec you enjoy playing in BGs. Each one requires you to play a bit differently to excel at it, but they're all viable. I have seen good players succeed with all three specs in BGs.
Play the spec you enjoy

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