100 Mount Achievement Question

Since mounts and achievements are now account bound my mount list has jumped from 60 to 86, this is awesome. So I started lvling a panda the other day and got the panda to lvl 20 and bought the Turtles but when looking at my Mount achievement list it still says 86/100 for Mnt. of mounts.... it should be around 93, is there a reason for this? My friend is also having the same problem. This issue is happening on this character as well.

I found a tracker website that allows you to track what mounts you have and it says I should have 92 heres the link

It probably has to do with wheter or not the character you're on can actually use the mount. For example your armory page says you have 136 mounts but that includes the Alliance mounts that you can't actually use in game.
I know the two paladin mounts don't count on my other characters, not sure if off-profession ones count though, they might
You need 100 mounts on a single character for the achievement to show up.
This means your cross-faction and class only mounts will not count towards the total across your characters - only on the ones that know the mounts.

Once your mount total says "100" in the mounts tab on a character on your account you'll get the Dragonhawk.

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