Disc absorbs dispel protection ideas

These ideas just popped into my head, and i thought i'd share them here, I've heard disc is pretty weak in pvp right now and that one of the reasons is because their healing style is so easily countered by dispels. so here goes let me know what you think and if you like them feel free to post them in other forums and spread the word.

Spirit shell should simply be undispellable, having spirit shell dispelled is equivocal to having a flash heal or in my case a healing surge dispelled it doesn't make any sense to spend mana on a heal that can just be dispelled by so many classes and it won't work in pvp until it is undispellable.

Power word: shield i will admit i don't think should be undispellable, but their should be some kind of penalty to dispelling it at the least. I think a simple fix would be to add a passive ability to disc called Power word: Sword that procs whenever a power word shield is dispelled. Power word: sword would cause the shield to immediately inflict damage equal to its remaining absorb amount upon the dispeller, in the case of spellsteal this damage would be dealt before the mage obtained the power word shield.

So there's are my ideas lets hear what you think of them.
You'd have to make sure it doesn't stack.

E.g. You bubble everyone up super fast then a priest uses Mass Dispell, would they get a 400k insta death?

I agree with you on Spirit Shell, it shouldn't be that easy to dispel (only things like Mass Dispell would get rid of it).

Mages, as OP as they are, shouldn't take damage from spell stealing. It would be pointless anyways as the shield would just compensate for the damage taken thus doing nothing.

I think the best thing to do with disc priests is make the debuff from receiving the shield also be removed when it is dispelled. That way it can just be recast and the person who dispelled it has to wait 12 seconds again before doing so.
Yeah spellsteal is a tricky one actually i think your last idea could work pretty well for spellsteal and dispels in general, if the enemy ends up with weakened soul they can't steal any more than one bubble and they can't get insta gibbed either. With the exception being mass dispel, where they can dispel more than one bubble, take damage from dispelling one bubble, but still dispel the others through the mass dispel.

but considering how fast we can reapply bubbles i don't think they should have to wait any longer than 3-5 seconds. so they're weakened sould debuff would only last that long.
Weakend soul should drop off when ever Power Word: shield is Dispeled along with Rapture This would help disc out alot.
Now for Spirit Shell ... Setup Rapture to Work with Spirit Shell but only! the Dispel side of it. Don't want to make Pve Disc any better than what it is.
why not make our shields work like lifebloom almost. where as if they are dispelled or end they do a certain amount of healing to compensate for it. right now priest need the extra heals and it would be nice seeing as all we do is hard cast. Then they wouldn't have to make us OP by making it undispellable

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