Affliction PvE Questions

Hello folks,

In MoP, I decided to go a different route than that of a Shadow Priest, and warlock has been a class I wanted to play. So I leveled my lock pretty hard and now raiding with him.

I have the basics and some advanced tactics pretty down packed and was pretty shocked on the numbers I put up in the raid, which was only Elegon attempts, last night but I have some questions I need to ask the experienced warlock community!

Mana becomes an issue after a while and Life Tap needs to be used, correct? Making sure I'm not doing something wrong, I never had mana issues as SPriest.

Also, I have been reading everywhere that Haunt should only be cast when DoTs have 8 seconds or longer? Why is this? I have been doing it, I just need to know why.

Another Haunt question: do I need to recast my DoTs if haunt has not been on my target (due to lack of shards and no nightfall help), because of the buff it puts on the target?

Multi Target fights (like 1st and last bosses in MSV), what is a good strategy on these types of bosses? I have heard not to haunt and focus my shards on SSing my dots to keep them up on both targets.


Opinion questions:

What addons can you guys not live without as warlocks?

I also need a good, customizable, multiple target DoT tracker, which is ideal?

Any other raid tips or tricks?

Thank you all for any input to help a rook lock out!
Life tap should be used often. I'd advise when you go under 100k, lifetap to over 200k mana.

Keep Soulshards for haunt at 3( out of 4 total) at all times, just dump one whenever you get a fourth, you want to be channeling MG whenever haunt is up (So yes, keep dots above 8 before casting haunt). When you're on a trinket cooldown, recast dots and dump some of your extra soulshards keeping haunt up and channeling.

I don't understand your third question.

On Will of The emperor, I use Soulburn : Soulswap in order to quickly dot up everything, then I abuse Drain Soul in order to get more soulshards and recast SB:SS. Half the time i'm dotting, to be honest.

There is NO addon I can't live without, but addons such as Affdots (keeps track of the damage your dot is worth)

I don't remember the dot tracker's name, go to and search under warlock.
Please correct me if I'm wrong fellow warlocks but I don't believe this actually increases the damage of your dots the way procs do. While haunt is up all damage you deal is increased by 25% not your dots are now 25% stronger so when I apply them they will be 25% stronger for their entire dot duration.

This is what exactly I was looking for in response to my third question.

Thank you for your input, guys.

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