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So im maxed out on blue pvp gear including upgrades. Maxed on conquest points and after a couple of hours of pvp next week I will be in the same boat again. So what does a pvp'er do to make use of his time? Kind of annoying to me that I can't work towards anything right now:(
Get out in the world and gank people! Golden Lotus, Halfhill and the new southern dailies are the perfect places. Sit by the Black Market auction house and kill people as they look at overpriced junk. Crush lowbies in Jade Forest until they cry to their guilds for help -- and kill them, too.

Make a name for yourself, man!
So you enjoy pvp, but you think you have nothing to work for. Do you have 250,000hk's and the bloodthirsty title? Perhaps you do have something to work towards.
I suppose and I would have that but I sold my first account 5 years ago...and I suppose there is that but that seems so trivial when im still wearing so many blues....bah thanks though
on a pve server with rlf's
12/08/2012 04:40 PMPosted by Envenom
on a pve server with rlf's

Yeah that sucks, I have a horde rogue I really enjoy but he's a pretty dead PVE server.. and it sucks because I can't PVP in the world.

and I don't wanna pay 25 bucks.
I'm also on a pve server with rlf's so I'd say start a pvp channel. Invite others who enjoy bgs and arena, start an rbg group and help everyone else who isn't fully geared in blue upgrades run the honor grind.
Turn honor into motes
Turn motes into stuff
Sell Stuff for Gold.

Alternatively; you could farm rare mounts.
I like the motes idea and I've maxed my honor and then turned it all into justice just to relax my honor so turning it into motes is actually a good idea thanks!
Other than farming for money, I enjoy attacking warriors and Dks especially when they think i'm an easy prey. It is not a big deal when plate classes kill a rogue, but when a rogue kills them, it is a huge slap in their face. I love it...

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