<aus> US Proudmoore10Man 4/13H ToT LF Mage

<aus> is a level 25 alliance guild with history dating back to vanilla WoW. We’re a social guild with a tight core group of raiders in mixed timezones including Australia, Asia and the US.

We're currently recruiting a mage!!!

Raid times:
Friday 6:00pm-10:00pm PST
Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST
- Spec accordingly for the role you're apping to.
- High level gems and chants on all pieces - rare quality gems mandatory (epic if available), no slack enchants.
- Maintain 80 percent weekend attendance.
- Be able to follow direction.
- Have a good internet connection.
- Be a team player with a positive attitude.
- Want to progress and accomplish new things.
- Have vent and mandatory mods installed.
- Come prepared.
- Read up on/view boss strats (Tankspot, Icy-veins, and Fatboss are all suggested).
- Not forget to have some fun!

- Guild repairs on for members.
- Feasts provided during raids.
- Be part of a great and friendly community you can call home!
- We have gnomes.

If this sounds like you, post up an app at aus.guildlaunch.com, speak to any officer in game Chellex, Vere, Mate, Moxyshock (or one of her many Moxy alts).

Also, feel free to add me Moxy#1385 on RealID to have a chat!
In need of a tank with a good dps offspec! Please contact me!
do you need a tank with a offspec healer but if needed i can gear up for dps spec
Currently need spriest with a good healing offspec!
Now 2/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder!
Still need a spriest to fill our raiding roster! We are also recruiting social/casual members. :)
Updated - we are looking for a mage!
3/13 heroic throne. LFM - gnome apps heavily considered.
Now 4/13! WTB mage.

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