How to lock?

Okay, so I'm pretty new to this crap. My affliction lock seems to bedoing as much damage as a shadow priest. I've played many a shadow priest and wanted something slightly different, but I always felt like locks should be doing more damage than that.

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone point me in the right direction for an affliction leveling guide...or any lock leveling guide (that is actually updated for MoP)?
1. DOT everything
2. AOE drain life
3. ???
4. profit
Affliction lock is pretty much like the Spriest in Cata....
soulburn and soul swap, instantly 3 dots( spriest have 3 dots in cata) up, keep haunt buff ( prettly much like damage increase buff granted by 3 orbs mind blast)up as much as possible,Malefic grasp (lock mind flay?) as filter, refresh dots.
void walker is the default pet for leveling, a nice tank with fat !@#.
leveling is fast atm.And it is only a very insignificant part for a warlock( or any wower). Dots take a lot of time to have their effects, most times in dungeon, you apply ur dots, cast 2 or 3 Malefic grasp , and mobs get killed by ur party member. Kill them slowly, thats the style of aff lock, I do not see any difference between Aff lock and Spriest (Cata) in their play styles, btw, spriest is bit different now.
You d better switch to Demo or Destruction to have something really different.
The rotation of Aff just get me bored. Anyway, Aff lock can pull decent dps. Aff is the strongest dps spec in pve, while Demo popular in Arena, Destruction shining in RBG.
Ok. Just to be honest, Affliction is the dullest spec a Warlock can play. Destro and Demo a way more fun than Afflic.
Think of yourself as trying to absolutely ruin the enjoyment and gameplay of your opponent and you will do far better as a lock than to worry about your dps
Afflicition warlocks: Draining the life and enjoyment out of enemy players since 2004!
You don't need a leveling guide- but I'd recommend leveling as Destruction.

Why, you ask?

Destruction has amazing burst and survivability. You can heal yourself for 20% of your life or more via Ember Tap, and you don't need the Embers for Chaos Bolt while questing, so that means you can pull tons of monsters at once and AOE them down like it's nothing.

If you don't like that idea, I'd suggest Demo with Demon Hunting glyph+Harvest Life.
Pull a huge pack of monsters, Immo aura, hand of guldan, have your pet bladestorm, and harvest life.

Affliction is basically the squishy raid spec now, not the self healing powerhouse it used to be.
No CB for leveling? No way.

Chao Bolt + Shadowburn, BAM, mob dead.
Afflic is currently the worst leveling spec. It doesn't get fun until lvl 79 when you get Soulburn: Soul Swap to insta apply DoTs. After which, it becomes a lot of fun.

You definitely notice the removal of the reduced GCD for Agony when you have to apply all DoTs manually.

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