Blademaster Transmog!!!

Hey there, about to switch to Horde side here (I'M COMING HOME MUM!!) and also a big RP player and since I've always liked the Orcs as a warrior racial choice, I just remembered how cool were the Blademasters looking back in Warcraft 3! I've been looking for quite a while online but wasn't able to find a good set to match up the kind of Martial feel the Blademaster gives... I also know that an Orc Monk being WW would maybe better fullfill that RP looking, but I simply dislike their gameplay and besides, I like switching to Fury for more fun from time to time!

Any ideas coming to you guys? Heading towards the Contender's set once I hit 90 with maybe a Tusker 2h sword model or Blade of Hanna or something like that!

Open to any suggestions and thanks guys!
Bump for the love of transmog!!!

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