LF Guild Merge Triumph(A) 4/6 MSV10

We are currently looking for a guild to possibly merge with. Willing to go to a guild or have people come to our guild.

Current Progression : 4/6 MSV 10

Yea we know this is really no progression at this point to be proud of but its from the mere lack of players being available on the server. We are constantly trying to recruit and have just come up short with people we have brought into our guild to fill core raid group. Right now we do have a great core group of players that just want to raid. That's all we want. Were tired of people being unreliable and not showing up to raids.

We were thinking about merging with a guild that is looking to fill their 10man with the players we would like to bring or if there is a guild looking to start a second ten man (That may even eventually run into a 25man raid group although this is not required) you could have us come right in and run the second ten man group. Our raid leader is very capable along with the officers that we will be bringing from triumph to have this done. Our current raid make up is as follows

Tanks - Druid/Warrior
Heals - Priest
RDPS - Mage/Hunter/Warlock
MDPS- Monk/FrostDK

Like i said before, our core group is great. We have all experienced raiding players, all of which started playing during Vanilla/BC. We do have a vent if a guild would be willing to come to merge and join with ours. We are level 25 with nice filled up bank tabs. Our current raid schedule was 8pm-11pm Server T/W/TH. That is whenever we have raided, which was basically one full week and we went 4/6. And are now are more then capable of clearing up to Elegon in one night if we were to have a full group. Also note we have not been able to put any work in on Elegon because we have been unable to put together a full group since. Basically if we were to fill our core group up with other dedicated players we would be much further along.

As for times we would like to have something very similar to our raid schedule. Two days a week would be fine also, maybe even if a day changed or so but the times are right around where we would like them to be for the people we already have in our group.

Please contact us in game via whisper/mail or on here at the forums. Thanks a bunch!

GM - Asomugha (First A is ALT+0225)
Co-GM - Wexler
Officer - LifeSaver (A is ALT+0225)
Bump for merge
I think it is a very good idea, and it takes an intelligent group of people to consider a merger option.

I briefly chatted with Asomugha. Let me restate to you all..

Cor Tenebrae, a level 25 guild, and raids at about same time as you. We are at the same progression currently. Combined we would form a 25, and/or 2-10 man raid groups. We offer to merge with you under our banner..

Lets Chat in game, or on vent.

Have a Great Day .:)
Hello Wexler,

When you get a moment please contact me through battletag Kass#1233.


I don't know if a transfer is in the cards but we're certainly interested in getting a 3rd 10 man up and running and the days/times of the extant raids are pretty close. We're a progression guild in principle but each 10 man is welcome to run/progress at whatever pace they are comfortable with.


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