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Essentially as the title reads. Post your character ideas that are fairly unique, but do not make you a " omg look at me I'm the queen of pregnants I deserve all the attention!" or as some like to call it, a "Special Snowflake." And I'll start it off.

Tsuki is a rather reserved girl, slight of frame but strong of will. This is what first attracted her to the light, for she knew that if she worked hard enough, she could overcome any adversity. This proved true when she managed to save her adoptive brother's life, concentrating for days on healing wounds inflicted at the battle of Shattrath at the cost of her own life energy. The resulting strain drained the color from her hair and skin, leaving her rather pale with hair like moonlight.

She became an engineer not long after arriving on azeroth, though the workings of simple mechanisms had always fascinated her. And though the gnomes were a more readily available source of knowledge, she learned many of her more destructive ideas from the goblins in Tanaris ( How better to protect yourself than a frag grenade to someone's jaw?).

While experimenting with devices powered by the light, the device, as many probably could have guessed, exploded. Explosively.

The saying goes that the brightest light casts the darkest shadow.

The explosion wrapped her in darkness for a fraction of a second, exposing her to what the forsaken have termed " The Forgotten Shadow", almost a mirror to the Holy Light. She had an epiphany, that where there is light, there must also be darkness. And though she had always used her talents to heal the injured and weak, she might be able to use them to smite the wicked and avenge the fallen.

And just as a little point of personal aesthetics, shen wrapped in shadow her skin and hair actually return to their original color. Sorry if it was ranty, I have issues cutting it short.

Your turns!
Hopefully this doesn't turn out too long, but here it goes.

Eve was born in Silverpine about a decade before the Scourge Plague broke out in the Eastern Kingdoms. Her family, at the first news of the plague, left immediately, seeking refuge in Southshore. On the way, the met with a group of Scarlet Crusaders (yes, I know, scandalous that I should mention them) who were promising refuge from the plague. Her family eagerly accepted the offer of protection, and were taken to Tyr's Hand by way of back roads.

Upon arriving, Eve was immediately taken from her family to be trained as a priestess for the Scarlets, being used as a sort of protection fee. She trained, unwillingly, as both a priestess of the Light, and, later on, as a raven priestess. When the Lich King launched his assault on Tyr's Hand, rather than aid in the defense of the stronghold, she instead fled to Eastwall Tower while the Scarlets were being, well, obliterated.

After the assault, Eve eventually made her way to Stormwind, having lost contact with the rest of her family. From there, she served as a medic with Alliance forces in Northrend. Once the war in Northrend was over, she eventually settled in Darkshire.

From there, it gets boring and complicated.
Anyone else? Was thinking I'd have a few more of these by now
People have gotten very wary of the lore police, and probably do not care to see the lore bat. I am not going to tell you that your idea is not good. I am just saying most people do not care for the sometimes heavy handed critics.
I'll probably post my backstory here later when I get the chance to actually be at my computer for longer than 5 minutes at a time.. but anyway, people are probably turned off by the title. Some people are afraid of being called a special snowflake, even if they probably aren't.
This may be surprising coming from me because of my opposition to pandaren paladins but I really see nothing wrong here. We've seen draenei who have become Twilight's Hammer cultists and students of the Scholomance in recent years. There's nothing inherently incorrect about a draenei turning to Shadow magic.

That said, make sure you know your lore about the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow (the stuff from the WoW magazine, not the stuff from the RPGs).

And I also agree that there's a big difference between "strange idea" and "special snowflake".

"Special snowflake" is something more akin to someone role-playing a demon hunter who knew Illidan personally and was part of his personal guard but survived the Black Temple. Or anyone role-playing a Darkfallen anything.

But I have a violent, angry pandaren "monk" (she's can't use chi, she's a warrior n-game), a death knight made from a dark ranger, and Amorene here follows the Forgotten Shadow as well.

So I'm not going to say "no, draenei engineering experiment turning her shadow priest bad". And you've certainly captured the essence of the Cult's original teachings (balance between Light and Shadow).
Welp, first off - Caderyn (my mage here) is both a Runesmith and a Runic 'Mage'. Their descriptions are as follows.

Runesmith - the idea behind this is a blacksmith who either works the metal themselves, or comes in to the part of the forging process when runes are carved, set with metal and treated to remain during the creation of a weapon or armour. They create, basically, the 'mystical dwarven weapons and armour'.

Runic 'Mage' - the idea behind this one is, basically, mage is the best classification I can use for the class. He's a spell caster who makes use of various runes to channel power and unleash it. Otherwise he has the magical capabilities of a rock.

Cad is a 200 year old dwarf, and both his story and the story of his dying clan are as follows.

In the heated halls, tended by dwarves whose bronzed skin was soaked with sweat and dusted with soot was Caderyn born. The holdings of Clan Thunderiron were all great forge cities, producing blades and armour that was nearly unmatched in all of dwarven society.

It was in the early days, when the three clans were as one, that Thunderiron had shone. The dwarves producing weapons and armour befitting of heroes - and wielded only by such lauded figures. The twin thunderbolts of Clan Thunderiron were pressed into the haft of every axe and on every piece of platemail.

Sadly, as with so many things, these storied days of yore collapsed with the War of Three Hammers. A time when Thunderiron saw its weapons turned against their clan by Dark Iron and Wildhammer - no more could the careful forging of heroic arms be done, the runesmiths of the clan rushed to produce functional blades and suits of armour to aid the war effort.

The War was the unmaking of the clan. In the siege of Ironforge, and the advance toward Redridge, the clan was all but wiped out - only a few survivors limping away from the conflict to once more stoke the forges of their dwindling holds.

The cities they had inhabited were burnt to ash and cinder - only two clan holds remaining to Thunderiron.

This was the clan Cad was born into - a shadow of its former splendour. He learned the ways of the runesmith from the scarred form of his grandfather, and took them to heart. He learned how to listen to the metal, how to speak to it and how to shape it.

But this life was not for him.

The last of the holds was closed. Clan Thunderiron had moved to Ironforge to live out its final life with the greater Bronzebeard clan.

Cad, on the other hand, had begun to wander - traveling the known world in search of ancient lore.

It was in these two-hundred years that he had discovered the knowledge he now guards with his life. Giving himself fully to the Titans, Cad seeks Ascension into the purity that had been. Already he has progressed, albeit slowly, into Ascension - the flesh of his arms turning to steel at a thought, before exhaustion sets in within half an hour.

He has recorded the runic magics of the Ancestors in a great, metallic tome always at his hip.

When the Hammer struck in its full force, Caderyn marched into battle with his book in hand - shouting out roars of defiance and unleashing the, meagre, celestial magics he could wield - little different than the magics of a mage, save for the fact the fire he forms appears to be the stuff of stars, and the energies he wields do not trigger within him an addiction to continue wielding it.

He is determined to find the secret to Ascension, and turn his then immortal eyes to the waging of war against the Old Gods and their minions.
Aullin here inadvertently ended up befriending a gnomish engineer during his adventures in Stranglethorn and over the course of several months the gnome instructed him in the art of gnomish engineering.

The gnome was eventually murdered by a rival goblin who also happened to be a member of the Steamwheedle Cartel and when Baron Revilgaz refused to punish "one of his own", Aullin took vengeance by mercilessly assassinating the bruisers of Booty Bay which soon earned him the favorable attention of the Bloodsail Buccaneers (which is how I explain him sporting the "Bloodsail Admiral" title).

Aullin made an attempt on the Baron himself when the Bloodsails tried to invade Booty Bay but both the invasion and Aullin's attempt failed, the entire assault almost costing Aullin his life. During his recovery Aullin suffered a minor bought of jungle fever and in his delirium he saw a vision of his gnomish friend who convinced Aullin that the best way to honor his memory was not by slaughtering goblins but by honing the craft the gnome had taught him.

After he recovered Aullin begrudgingly put his vengeful inclinations to rest and to this day he still strives to better his skills as a gnomish engineer in honor of his friend.
I'm not too sure how strange mine is... The Lore police will probably have a fit though /shrug

Well anyway! XD

This character and my main are RPed as sisters (my priest being the younger) and both are a pair of War Orphans. They were found on the verge of death by malnourishment by a kind old Priest after a returning war vet mentioned he thought he saw a little kid in the Thunder Falls area, which had become overrun by bandits.

Given their ages - Zpan was 6 or so and Maj was estimated at 2 or 3 - neither really know what their names, birthdays, or even the names of their parents are. Maj doesn't even remember her parents. The pair's names were based off what Zpan - an antisocial pretty much feral by that point child - remembered.

They grew up in Stormwind Orphanage with no family name and were pretty much outcasts for it. Zpan, who is a Hunter, never lost that feral, wild nature and as soon as she had Maj safely tucked away in the Cathedral for Priestly training, left Stormwind in a never ending quest to discover who their parents were and see if there's any family members they might have. I RP Zpan as being....crazy. Very crazy. Its believed that she witnessed the deaths/murders of her parents and possibly buried their bodies; as a result, she hasn't been right in the head since.

Due to the sever malnutrition that almost killed them, both Zpan and Maj are pretty small for human females, which led to half-breed taunts in the Orphanage. I haven't decided if they are or not - probably not - but decided to keep it as a joke due to the fact Zpan likes to drink ale, fight, and speaks pretty decent Dwarvish (she's best friends with a Dwarf Shaman)

Another joke is she must have Orc and/or Goblin blood for her violent tendencies and her fondness of profit. Which is why Zpan's a merc for hire XD

She also learned to speak, read, and write common Orcish solely for the purpose to insult them (and the Horde). She hates Orcs since one almost killed her sister in the Redridge Mountains. She also hates the Horde. Except for Blood Elf males - if she can get away with it, she'll grope 'em or tell them to 'take it all off' while waving a gold piece at them.

If you haven't figured out by now that Zpan and Maj are primarily humor-based characters, this is me letting you know. ;)

Given Zpan's crazy, she gets weird ideas on where to go look for information about her parents. She's utterly convinced that King Varian himself probably knows or knows someone who can tell her. Convincing her otherwise is futile; its like talking to a brick wall who will shove explosives down your pants and set them off - for fun. The reason she thinks this all relates back to the fact that he was nice to a clumsy kid who happened to be her little sister, when in all honestly he probably wouldn't even remember the incident.

Maj is a self-admitted coward who stutters when scared or embarrassed - she also is very klutz-prone due to the fact that critical period of malnutrition in her toddler years messed up her coordination. That's why she's not a Paladin or even half-decent Priest, because she can't fight very well and with a small mana pool, is a half-decent healer at best.

She's a kid who tries and more often than not fails - often with hilarious results. One of the few exceptions would be when she was almost killed in the Redridge Mountains. Maj found a worg pup that had wandered off from its pack while she was part of a search party looking for a lost kid. The worg pup's owners weren't happy to see a human carrying around the pup with full intentions of keeping it and naming it Fluffy; as you can imagine that didn't go over well...
I actually did some reading on the cult just to fact check before I actually created this, but was also trying to play off of the dual spec mechanic by having the shadow be something that she harnesses in a slightly more instinctive way than a trained, precision-skilled priest. Like a two sides of the same coin deal.

And so far I haven't seen any "UNPOSSIBLE LORE BREAK" ideas here, though I do appreciate the distinction between "special snowflake" and "Unique ideas", sadly it seems a fine line not many can see.

As for the lore police? I was hoping this thread's title would attract the more imaginative while driving off the haters. Don't get me wrong, a little lore policing is always good, but in a creative way, not a " lol ur character is bad u shud feel bad" way. Cuz take it from someone who created an Orc warr/human pally relationship with several kids, one of which is a half orc priestess, among other slightly out there ideas, an absence of established lore only excludes ideas when it could be something that could influence other lore, "my character is Varian's lovechild with an ogre seamstress from in blade's edge" kind of stuff.

But keep it coming people! Anything goes(within reason :P)! Except the Varian's kid thing. I own that.
Okay, I'll bite. *ahem* (I'm a beginning RPer so be patient with me)

Erani is a young Draenei warrior. She was born on Draenor to a Priestess mother and a Paladin father. She also has an older brother named Ascul. She is unlike most Draenei, a bit quicker to resort to violence, impatient, and she does and says stupid things without thinking. If you told her not to do something, she would probably do it just to spite you. Rebellious and adventurous even at a young age, she was always getting herself, and others, into trouble. She was originally going to be trained to be a paladin but she lacked the patience and discipline to wield the Light properly. She lost her father when the orcs attacked and her mother when the Exodar crashed on Azeroth. She eventually joined the Alliance military, wanting to fight off the orc menace. Needless to say, she'd seen some difficult times and while Erani is loyal to the Light and the Naaru, her faith is simply not as strong as it is in the other Draenei after witnessing the corruption of the orcs and the genocide of her people. This makes it more difficult for her to cope and so she turned to drinking, and eventually smoking, as an escape. So now she's an alcoholic, chain-smoking, warrior. She also was once a bit tipsy when she and a three other soldiers from her unit were ambushed by Horde scouts while they where delivering a message between two cities. Her sword was knocked out of her hands in the midst of battle and so, as a last resort, she just decided to headbutt the enemy beneath his jaw and actually managed to knock him unconscious, much to her own surprise. It was then she was inspired with the idea of implementing her horns into her fighting style, earning her the nickname, "Bull", from her comrades. After all, those horns aren't just for show, right?

Erani's concept initially came from an idea of poking fun at the Draenei. She essentially started out as a parody, then I decided to make an actual character out of it.
Dwarven priest that abhores drinking and brawling.

Think 1800's temperance movement.
Taking the place of Vol'jin as Chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe in order to further convince Garrosh that the dear Shadow Hunter had perished.

Bring forth your complaints.
Taking the place of Vol'jin as Chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe in order to further convince Garrosh that the dear Shadow Hunter had perished.

Bring forth your complaints.

If we brought forth complaints, you'd feed on them. We do not feed trolls.
Taking the place of Vol'jin as Chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe in order to further convince Garrosh that the dear Shadow Hunter had perished.

Bring forth your complaints.

If we brought forth complaints, you'd feed on them. We do not feed trolls.
I think she meant your race, Vol. By the way, WoW's having trouble downloading on this computer. Some weird error, keeps telling me to restart the comp even after I restart it. Gonna give customer service a holler tomorrow.

It's not fair of you to post that without the backstory leading up to it. *biffs*
12/10/2012 11:37 PMPosted by Trenk
It's not fair of you to post that without the backstory leading up to it. *biffs*

But that's the fun part.
Trenk fought a delaying action to stall the Scourge for an elf friend he had named Khalindir.

The Scourge killed him, and he later helped them raze Silvermoon. When Sylvanas broke free, so did he. He met Khalindir once more after the Blood Elves joined the Horde, and during their reunion the Scourge attacked.

So then he was brought down a second time, fighting in manly fashion, while Khalindir escaped. After the battle at Light's Hope, he finally recontacted Khalindir and has been staying far away from any war front that involves hostile undead.

Knert (notice the clever naming scheme?) was a former Gurubashi who decided that, on the whole, he did not want to associate himself with that tribe after Hakkar raged on Jin'do and blew him up. He became a fon, who later met with other vagrant types, took individual contracts as a mercenary, and was eventually picked up by the Horde when they decided to mob it up in Pandaria. He is very short for a troll, just 6'7", a full five inches below the average height. He is the world's tallest midget.

I'd say these are strange ideas, maybe not unique, but not common, either. I like to think they don't snowflake too much.
Ignea and her two sisters were born in a small village in Zangarmarsh the day the Dark Portal between Draenor and Azeroth was opened (not that the Draenei knew of that event at the time). She was the last of the three to be born and it was seen as a positive omen that all three were strong and healthy for such a rare birth.

As the three sisters grew up, many changes happened to their world. There was always the threat of an attack by the orcs that had remained behind on Draenor... and then there was the shattering of Draenor that left behind a mere remnant that would be known as Outland.

As they grew up, both of her sisters began to display an exceptional talent with the traditional paths... the Arcane and the Holy Light. It wasn't until one fateful night... when one of the Krokul or Broken came to their village shortly after the sky had changed... that Ignea got a glimps of the path she would follow. It was dark out... but even though he was cloaked in shadows it was obvious that he was one of the Krokul and thus not allowed in the village. Curious as to who he was, she crept closer until she could hear the guards talking to him. She heard that he merely wanted to pass through the camp to get to the mountains of Nagrand and hand no intention of staying. Still, the guard had no intention of letting him enter the village.

Then it happened... one of the guards pushed the Broken. Suddenly there was a deafening crash of thunder as black clouds formed where clear skies had been before and a sudden rain began to fall... only to be blown forcefully at the guards by sudden gusts of wind. Though the guards were blown off their hooves in the slick mud, the Krokul was left unaffected by the sudden storm. As the Krokul slowly walked through the village, the wind continued to blow (though more gently that before), lending its strength to the Broken... urging him forward. Though she didn't realize what it ment at the time, she was sure she heard a voice in the wind as he passed her.

"Soon, little one," was all it said before the stranger was gone.

As the years passed, her sisters began their training. Ilumina, the eldest had been selected to train as a paladin while her other sister Galacia was apprenticed to a mage who could shape her talent. It was assumed that Ignea would undergo training as a priest, but while she could draw on the simple healing spell all Draenei learned in honor of the Naru, she knew in her heart that she wasn't cut out for the life of a priestess. Though it had been many years since she had first seen that Krokul... she heard rumors that he had returned and, with the blessing of Valen, was looking for students to follow the new path he had found... the path of the shaman.

When she told her sisters she intended to learn this new path... they were not pleased. Not only was their youngest sister learning the magics of the hated Orcs... but she was learning it from one of the Broken. Ignea tried to explain what had happened that fateful night when the Krokul had come to their village, but neither of her sisters woul listen. They even tried to forbid her from leaving, but when they tried to leave their hut and was blocked... a sudden gust of wind blew in from the door to knock the sisters aside. Once more, Ignea heard the voice in the wind.

"Now is the time, little one."

Ignea left their village that day, looking back only once to see her sisters and their disaproving looks. Though the training to become a shaman wasn't easy... many of her fellow students were skeptical of learning from one of the Broken... she excelled at it. A few times her sisters came to persuade her to change her mind and find a more acceptable path to follow, yet every time it seemed they might try to physically drag her away, a sudden gust of wind would convince them that they couldn't.

Then came word that the Naru had appeared in an area known as the Netherstorm. More surprising was that the ship they came in had been attacked by an unknown race that apparently came from another world. Seeing the chance to leave Draenor, Valen asked for vollenteers to join him in an effort to capture one of the satelite structures of the ship and use it to leave Draenor. Unsurprisingly, all three sisters were among those who vollenteered. The assault the draenei launched caught the new race, known as Blood Elves, off guard, allowing the draeni access to the Exodar. Unfortunately the Blood elves still had time to sabotage the engines so that when the draenei left Draenor, the dimensional shift was uncontrolled, forcing the Exodar to crash. Durring the crash, the three sisters managed to fight their way to some escape pods, their divergent skills working well together. Soon the pods they sealed themselves in were jettisoned and the next thing the sisters knew, they were waking up in Ammen Vale.
Zarielys and his son, Seyna, were the last of the Starstrider family. In hopes that he could restore glory to the Starstrider name, Zarielys raised his son as well as an elven father could, teaching him swordsmanship and magic. Or tried to anyway. Seyna had very little talent and interest in either field. This puzzled Zarielys, for Seyna had shown many times to be very bright for such a small child, easily picking up words, reading, and showing a fascination in how things worked. Zarielys was stubborn though, and the lessons on swordsmanship and magic continued.

Eventually becoming frustrated and ashamed that he could not live up to Zarielys' standards, Seyna ran away. After some time he came upon Roll Coppercraft and her husband, Cogs, two kleptomaniacal gnomish engineers that were also a part of a small Thieves' Guild. Seyna was taken in by the couple and was educated on engineering and a few roguish tricks.

What finally caught Seyna's attention and convinced him to pick up some form of combat training was the underground fighting ring the guild possessed. The champion of the ring, and Seyna's idol, was a dwarf boxer named Stonejaw. Seyna's persistence pays off and a reluctant Stonejaw agreed to teach him the ways of boxing.

Years passed. When the Sunwell was destroyed, Seyna returned to Quel'thalas.

(I have recently rolled and leveled a belf monk, for I felt a monk better suited a boxing blood elf than rogue.)

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