Normal MV 6/6 run Sunday 12/9 LFM

Hi, I am running a normal 6/6 MV run on Sunday starting @ 6pm server time.

We are looking for the following classes/specs to join us:

Main tank:
Off tank:
Healer w/ OS DPS:

We currently have our 2 main healers and 1 dps.
I am 487ilvl and everyone else so far is above 482ilvl.

This is a PuG and loot will be handled as such, we will try to be fair and have everyone get atleast 1 piece of loot before someone gets 2 pieces etc.

Please be 475+ ilvl and have exp, I am happy to go over a fights strat for you or provide you with links if you need some assistance just ask but please try and be fully prepared before the raid. Food will be provided, but please try and bring your own flasks for the raid.

You can message me on slackerz in game or you can reply to this thread to be added to our roster for the raid, thanks and happy hunting.

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