3 dps LF horde raiding guild

Area 52
Hello, myself, a warlock, and an ele shaman are looking for a raiding guild. we would pref 25M but are ok with 10M as well. we are free to raid sun-thur. we are currently unable to raid in our current guild because of manning issues and are looking to transfer servers. we are looking for core spots, not to be backups. the other two are Entierro and Indecente if you wish to look up our armory pages. we are on the Blackrock server. please respond to this thread with any information or questions you may have.
Hey there,

Vindication is a level 25 guild currently raiding 10s but looking to expand to 25s. Our current progression is 6/6MSV and 2/6 HoF. Friendly group always people on doing stuff, never a dull moment!

Raid times
Wednesday 8-12 EST
Sunday 8-12 EST
Monday 8-12 EST

If you'd like to talk either post back here, or hit me up ingame guckin#1795
<We Might Be Raiders> would be interested in speaking with you. We're a 25man 2-night a week guild. Tues & Thurs from 10pm est to 1am est.

We're 6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF with further progression as a 10man but we only advertise our 25man progression.

Hit us up at http://we-might-be-raiders.wowstead.com or wmbrguild[at]gmail.com
<MoM> raids wed, thursday and monday 7-10. we're currently 5/16 only because of inconsistent players that we need to replace. the core is very well attuned to heroics and hard progression though, just trying to trim the fat. we'd be very interested.
We raid Fri/Sat @ 11PM ST

We could always use some more DPS. We are close to being able to assemble a 25 man team. I think the 3 of you would get us to 25.

My realID is gunsrus@echodsi.com

Add me in game or send me an email and we can discuss any details you may need.


(No Drama in my guild) #1 Rule
Hey Pies.

Cult is currently looking for 1 ranged and 2 melee dps to top off our roster. We recently Xferred the guild over to area 52 and had to rebuild our raid team.

As for the doing things outside raid, there are always people on. I spend a great deal of time in game myself and love to run old content. I would love to get some people together to start doing challenge modes and scenarios for a good challenge outside raids.

Our raid days are Tues/Fri/Sat from midnight to 3am server time. 9 to midnight pacific. If you are interested you can contact me in game on Glorion or add my Battletag: Tankbot#1142.

We raid late night due to family issues (GM and i both are married with kids) and it is much easier to raid after kids are in bed. So we understand the family thing. Real life > WoW.

You can also check out www.cultguild.com and put up an application if you like

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