Off-hand Remarks About Rogues Leave Me Sad

I was in a Temple of Kotmogu today, and someone told the one rogue in the group that, "No offense to you or your playstyle, but rogues just suck."

Couple this with how few rogues I see on my realm or in places that draw from multiple realms (BG's, dungeons, LFR, etc), and I get a little sad for the rogue class.

I played a rogue in Cata, as PVE primarily, but I dabbled in PVP, and it all seemed to work and work well. Fast forward to MOP, and every time I try to play my rogue, it feels clunky, not discernibly rogue-ish. Warlock is very warlocky. Monk is very monky. But my rogue is just..abilities mashed together with the ability to stealth. And it's not necessarily comparable power-wise to the other two classes that I've played in MOP, either. Warlock can be very powerful, and tbh honestly needs some tweaking (i.e. 277k hits from chaos bolt should not still be happening like they did to me this morning), and the monk has a lot more CC, mobility, and regen capabilities if not the dmg. Rogues do not seem to have either of these.

And all of this makes me sad for rogues.
Yeah well you and all the other people who posted here say the same thing about our class being lame. And what did we get? Oh, 10 energy off BoS.

Well, you tried guys.
The tears of other classes gives me strength to push on.
My Maximum Ambush on players right now with all the stars aligned is about 200k, 330k Eviscerates again when the stars align, any more damage or buffs and were looking at a nerf in the near future on things we dont want nerfed, Im happy with where Rogue is right now, yeah sure you cant hold your own against plate wearers but you do have the ability to leave the battle at anytime if it looks to be a losing battle and reevaluate the BG situation, which most other classes cant do without being chased so in my opinion l2p
12/08/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Shâdòw
330k Eviscerates

What kind of !@#$ing stars are you talking about?

Orbs in temple?
I'm curious as to where i can find these aligned stars.
yet you rogues are STILL in a better place than us shamans.
12/08/2012 12:13 PMPosted by Jarilo
yet you rogues are STILL in a better place than us shamans.

how you figure when rogues are the least represented PvP class? (unless monks dipped again)
12/08/2012 12:13 PMPosted by Jarilo
yet you rogues are STILL in a better place than us shamans.

Stay strong <3
Actually, even in Dark Apotheosis, shaman continue to be the class I fear the most (and I'm not talking about the spell fear). Their pvp burst can be incredible, comparable to a destro lock.
I wish i could do those numbers, like that you could kill someone before subterfuge was even over. To their teammate who was 10 yards away it would look like they just had a heart attack and keeled over dead. Very roguish imo =D.
What can I say? our class is bad and we should feel bad. I remember the brief golden age known a 'world of roguecraft' back in vanilla, when we could murdalize just about anything. I think blizzard has been retroactively nerfing us ever since, like how the US has been bombing the crap outta random middle-eastern countries ever since 9-11.

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