Does anybody else miss Flame Orb?

The absence of Flame Orb makes it feel like there's a huge hole in the fire rotation. With that and the Flamestrike change, making the spec more about management than action, Fire is gradually approaching what I disliked about Arcane.

Anyone else have similar thoughts?
Yes, but in the opposite direction emotionally.

What I liked about cata arcane was the sense of management.

What I like about fire in pandaria is the sense of management :P

I kno rite. I don't mean to imply that management play is necessarily a bad thing. It's good that the class has some variety in its gameplay between specs. It just that this particular move, assuming I'm not imagining it, makes me nervous.

Right now I'm really enjoying Frost in PvE, and staying Frost permanently would be suit me fine. But the QQ from PvP players is incessant and I worry that it'll eventually get nerfed back down into the kind of PvE mediocrity that it suffered in Cata. With Fire moving from an action spec more toward a management spec, assuming that's really what's going on, there'd be nothing left on the mage for me to play in the event of a Frost nerf, as that sort of thing is not my bag.
Honestly, I'd prefer it if they normalized our damage and regen, nixed the lvl 90 talents, moved Frost Orb from a Frost spell to a lvl 90 talent, put the old Flame orb back in there, and created an Arcane Orb for us to choose from as well (maybe something like a faster moving ball that bounces back between you and your current target like Zon'ozz's did and damages every enemy it hits?).

Between that and the Mage Bomb talents, we would still have the potential to have other schools in our rotations, and not just feel like a one-trick pony, which has definitely been the case since MoP hit and we don't even have the option to use a vast majority of damaging spells from other specs.
We're a one trick pony? We still have one?
I miss my old blaste wave more. The knockback or the slow was AMAZING on PvP. You can keep your orbs but I want my blast wave or more than 3 target living bomb for PvE.

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