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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
About Cold Fury
Cold Fury is a newly formed guild on Nagrand looking to do 10-man raids and progress through to the highest level we can achieve. The experience in our guild ranges from Vanilla right through to current content, with members having done Black Temple and Sunwell, 10 + 25-man ICC Hardmodes as well as progressing up to Dragon Soul [6/6HM] in Cataclysm.

We want members who know their respective classes and how to play them, ensuring their character is always up to standard in regards to gems, enchants, talents and glyphs, as well as researching up-coming fights in order to progress out of normal modes and into hard modes as fast as possible.

There is also the potential of off-night raids, running with alts that may interest anyone who is looking to get back into raiding at a later stage and is looking for an interim in the mean time. If applying for one of these positions, please note that off-night raiding is not in any way guaranteed.


MSV - 6/6
HoF - 3/6

Raid Times - Listed in AU EST (Nagrand Server Time)
Wednesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Thursday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Sunday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Current Recruitment:
1 Healer: Shaman, Priest or Paladin

Minimum Requirements:
* You must be Level 90.
* You must be able to make a minimum of 80% of raids, 100% while on trial.
* You must have the minimum gear level required for starting the level of raiding we are progressing.
* You must be able to download the addons we specify as mandatory, such as Deadly Boss Mods.

Applying to Cold Fury:
If you have any questions about the guild, please add BattleTag Insomn#1771 or Adopt#1593.

To fill in an application or for more information please visit http://coldfury.com.au
Updated recruitment.

Really need 1-2 ranged dps, preferably a hunter and/or boomkin to finish off our raiding team.
Need Monk healer, Resto shaman or Resto druid for core spot, Offspec is prefered
Updated current recruitment.
Still looking for an additional healer and 1 or 2 additional ranged dps.
Need 1-2 Ranged DPS.
Updated recruitment again.
Where are the DPS applicants?...

We still have a core spot for either 2 rDPS or 1 rDPS and 1 Plate Melee.
Bump. Need the DPS applicants.

Now 6/6 MSV.
Really need 1 Ranged, 1 Healer for core spots.
WTB Ranged DPS apps.

Need 2 ranged dps, preferably hunter and mage however anything will be considered.

Need 1 Shaman or Paladin healer.

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