Two-handed sword transmog?

I'm looking for suggestions on what to transmog my two-handed sword to. Preferably a two-hander that is obtainable without too much work. Any suggestions?
DOH you're in your prot gear. What sort of color scheme were you going for?
Two of my favorites:
Gladiator's Greatsword for 1500 honor

The Untamed Blade from Razorgore, first boss in Blackwing Lair, and soloable since 5.1

And as a general resource for transmog, there's stuff like this thread:
The answer is always Apolyon.
Oops! Sorry about wrong spec.

I don't have a color theme in mind yet, actually. I'm still getting quite a few upgrades from LFR and VP, so I didn't want to go crazy on the xmogs yet. But I do want to xmog my sword.

Thanks for the suggestions thus far. You guys are great.
Apolyon is awesome looking... but where it drops from sort of just ruins it for me. :p
...and thanks for that link, Ravicana. That is an awesomely useful webpage!
Apolyon looks exactly like the Brutal Gladiator's Greatsword, which is sold for only a BG's worth of honor
can be very helpful too
I'm rather partial to the Twinblade of the Phoenix.
Brutal Gladiator's Greatsword is way overused, The Untamed Blade looks dead amazing with Judgement if you have it.
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I'm rather partial to the Twinblade of the Phoenix.

Been hoping the wow gods smile upon me at some point to get a sword to transmog it with that sweet looking blade.
since you're at untamed blade you may as well just hope for ashkandi. BWL also drops mala'dath and chromatic-tempered blade (?) as well as T2 so, yeah.

Kalimdor's revenge doesn't look too bad either.

If you're a fan of big-!@# swords, armageddon takes the cake. 2% drop rate though.
Armageddon has a cool name, but compared to these epic level 2h swords, looks like rubbish imo.This list is a good start for 2 handers, but you gotta figure out pally sets that match them. I have included sets to some that match to the tee, but are mostly DK stuff lol.

Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood (match to Collossal Dragon plate Battlegear- recolor)
The Untamed Blade (match to Judgement Armor)
Corrupted Ashbringer *No Longer Obtainable*
Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion (match to DK heroic Magma Plated Battlearmor)
Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful (Matches DK set Lich Lord Plate with tabard of the Lightbringer)
Cataclysm's Edge (also matches Judgement Armor somewhat)
Zoid's Firelit Greatsword- Heroic Version (Match to DK Scourgelord's battlegear)

Personally to me the best options for a male ret paladin are Judgement w/ The Untamed Blade and Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear w/Ashkandi. Those are both epic hero like gear sets.
Ulduar has the best swords IMO
Quel'Delar, if you acquire any armor pieces with a slightly brutal or draconic look to them.
When I finally get to farming a couple xmogs, I plan on getting these sets:

Judgement with Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape, Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand and Lightbringer Faceguard

Challenge mode gear with Starshatter, Permafrost Cape, Lightbringer Faceguard and August Celestials Tabard

t11 heroic with Mantle of Desire The weapon is undecided. I don't know what spec it would be for, holy perhaps.

Addon MogIt. Shows ingame models and easy to sort through, shows it previewed on your character model. Also can make your own sets, this makes it VERY easy to find the best transmog you love.

Since "the best" is really based on taste, its best that you use this to find what suits you.
Cataclysm's Edge is a beautiful 2h sword that drops off Archimonde, in the Battle for Mount Hyjal (caverns of time).

Bring a ranged dps with you so they can kill the trash on the 3rd and 4th bosses. Easy 2 man.

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Go to Hyjal and get my sword! It looks amazing and Hyjal can be 2 manned possibly solo'd.

Lol didn't see the post above me till after I hit submit. Yeah, that one!

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