[A] 25m 8/16H Adamant lf Dps

Still looking for tank/heals of epic goodness. Our other tanks/heals are really friendly peeps. What sets our guild apart from others is you only have to show up to 70 percent of the raids. It's a nice slice of breathing room if you have to take a raid night off and not worry about getting kicked. Plus 25 man is waaaay more fun.

Contact these nice folks in game if you have questions
Emoba, Chibiharu, Relinn, Setsunai, or Sweetoh
Whats your policy on raiders who used to raid with you guys wanting to join your guild/raid team again? I'm looking for a raid guild, was with you guys for DS.
what was ur name in our guild before?
Just looking for a tank now.
Bumpin for a tank
As of 2/16/2013, We are recruiting 1 healer non priest for a spot on our raid team.
In need of a healer that is well rounded and experienced.
There is one spot available for the following dps classes that is listed above.
bump. 2/12 H current tier.

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