What was your favorite patch? Mine was 3.0

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Why? It was the patch of ret. All the ret pallies who had been laughed at and became known as "lolret" throughout BC came back in a screaming vengeance and laid waste to everyone who mocked us. I remember jumping into three horde at a time and slaughtering them when I was on a PvP server.

Of course I knew it wouldn't last, but after being oppressed for an entire expansion, it was like every single ret pally in the world was out for blood.
I had to change specs which was irritating but the MoP prepatch.

Demonology became god mode. I miss Affliction though. I'm too used to the pattern I had for Cata Affliction so it feels like my brain breaks if I try it now. Silly as that sounds.
personally, my favourite was 3.3.x
it seemed like, from all the patches i played on this account and my old, lost one, that it had the most balanced pvp, and i found icc+halion pretty fun (mostly icc) and my favourite 2 class/specs (frost dw dk, ret pally) were a lot of fun and not too exhausting to use (unlike feral back then, ugh, so tedious)
I thought the best time for ret was that bug that let them kill people instantly during Cata.
Patch 1.9

My Second Fav would be 1.5 because of AV.
I wouldn't know the number... but the one that got rid of weight restrictions on mounts.

I was the first human zooming around on my realm on a robo chocobo!
5.1. It's far out, man.
The patch when I was a blood DPS Death Knight. After that it was all down hill I was mad :P
I liked the Ulduar patch, I think it was 3.1. I can't remember but I believe we cleared the first wing and got stopped at the stone guy with the fist on the first day. Then it was followed by the worst patch ever that brought TOC.

T11 was the best tier we've had in a very, very long time.

T11 was the best tier we've had in a very, very long time.


Ugh I hated Tier 11 especially for Priest.
Do not mention that abomination. Patch 3.0 was the worst patch ever put in the game.

I'd say 2.4 or 4.3.

5.0 was pretty good until crz ruined it :(
I was playing a ret when 3.0 hit and an arcane mage when 4.0 hit. Both awesome.

The patch that revamped Azeroth. I gotta say, 1-60 is SOOOO FUN! I love leveling since they did that.

Others, mostly EVERYTHING in wrath.
Any patch prior to 3.4

They were all amazing.
Any patch prior to 3.4

They were all amazing.

There was no 3.4. Wrath ended with 3.3.
4.3. Transmog has changed the game man!

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