Best Monk Names!

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I have no idea where this even references from, 5/10.
Goji is from Gojiberry also know as Wolfberry, Asian fruit.
Then 8/10.
Wang Wei was famous poet in the year 606 in china, and means Precious King. As well one of the artists for the wow concepts name is Wei Wang.
Being Irish, I approve of Irish Monks, Slainte!

Going to try to level as Brewmaster for giggles, already have a 90 Mistweaver/WW named Devokan which means "new hope/beginnings" in a con-lang called D'ni from the Myst games. :)


Guinness would have been cuter :P but 8/10 :D

@Wangwei lol very funi 7/10

had to edit due to reading your faction wrong
9/10 simple effect and shocked you got name though the system Chi

This be mine.. Name is from fact i play two diff druids Drcow and DrcÖw on this server :09 Fits nice and simple and only one letter off my other chars.
Mine is not monk-ish, but i enjoy my name nonetheless.

As for Drpow, ill give it a solid 8.5/10
I saw a monk the other day named Stevejabbs, was pretty epic
Just started wow again. Gucchi, a blood elf monk, of course.
Cookie to whom can guess the language of my name (No search engine that's just cheating)

Read Gucchi as coochi, 5/10 for the laugh

um, Pandaren? I have no F*$%in idea, lol.

My own name is based on the Japanese abbreviation of Bodhidharama (dharma becomes da-ru-ma in Japanese) who was the traveling Indian monk who brought buddhism to China and taught the Shaolin monks meditation and the exercises that would later develop into Kung fu to strengthen their bodies. He is usualy depicted with a scowling expresion. I couldn't resist making a dwarf with a similar looking face and such a fitting name.

Thanks for reading!
Original and there is only one
Gravepalm-8/ name, would be better for undead
I like mine. =D
01/29/2013 06:48 AMPosted by Ale
I like mine. =D

Funny because you're a Brewmaster 8/10.

I was trying to stay a bit feminine like Caroline but with a Monk-ish prefix.

pretty interesting name
not extremely original but not a bad name.
Hoofenfoo, 9/10

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